Since the universe blessed me with senses and one good working mind………….I had spent lot of time analysing people and looking at different situations trying to analyse them from all directions. I had made my mind over work at times in analysing…well here is a secret people don’t really allow it and know it when I am trying look deep and understand what is the true nature……so I try to lock their attention in my smile :-). All the years I kept on with my practices……and one thing that I understood was people don’t have too many mind drivers, they are almost same or may be actually be  same for everyone that make them to act and take decisions. As I understood all the mind drivers are minds play to keep us engaged in the play of life……….which are mere illusions the journey got interesting which got more self directed with time. I am here to share my experiences till the journey comes to end with Moksha…… ultimate goal


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