Knowing the roots

As every action of ours springs from some deep cause to it. I am referring these causes as roots. There are not many roots or causes or we may even say mind drivers that make us to react a certain way. All the people have a set of roots and their reactions emerge from those roots. For all the negative reactions in our life, Fear is the main root.

Fear is such a strong root, that all of our negative actions spring only from this root. Fear is the base of all negative feelings. I could have started with something positive while explaning the roots, but I choose to explain fear that governs most of our life actions and situations. Yes situations because our actions give rise to the situations of our life. Many times we may not be aware but many of our positive feelings also arise from fear. Fear is a vast word pregnant with various forms of emotions. When we feel anger towards ourself or towards the other it is a deep seated fear that is coming out of us.

When someone shouts we also shout, so that our voice is heard, trying to shout in anger as loud as possible to supress the voice of the other. Here comes the fear of losing the hold of the situation or the matter. It is our big ego in play. Ego is the fear of mind. The fear of losing the self. We all are the victims of this big fear, and under this fear we keep on responding without any awareness. Next time you feel anger, it may be difficult for you to get aware at the moment, because fear is all over your body and mind you cannot overcome it. But after you have done with try, figure out the root from where it arises.

Jealousy is a fear springing from the feeling of inferiority. We can feel jealous only when we feel the other is some way superior to us. Forgetting our blessings and our uniqueness. Forgetting the beauty and qualities universe has specially bestowed only on us.

Understand the fear. Many people have come to me asking to help them to come out of some addiction. When we get addictive towards something like drugs, smoking or drinking we have indentified our whole being unconsciously with the addiction. Coming out of any addiction means to loose a part of our identity. Its difficult, but awareness can make it happen.

Create awareness in your life and in your actions


3 thoughts on “Knowing the roots”

  1. Rightly said.
    I also believe fear is one of the basic and first emotion of life. It is useful for survival. So in some situations it is very important to be fearful. With fear one can only survive but cannot break through in life. One has to show courage to go to the next level. It is a step process. First be fearful in a situation, get used to the situation and than overcome that fear to proceed further. In life, fear is very important emotion to keeps you in check. One of a nice hollywood movie “Defending your life” is based on this. A nice one liner from famous indian ad “Dar ke aage jeeth hai”

    1. Thanks Daljeet for the comment….You are talking about a fear we feel when we take a plunge in something new. The fear being the base of all the other not so desirable emotions too.

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