Taking a step further

In “Knowing the roots” the main focus was on the cause behind any action or reaction happening in our life. To create awareness about our every reaction good or bad. Every good action or reaction too does not have too many causes, and shocking enough they too spring from our Ego. Actions based on love, sympathy, compassion, empathy or consideration arise from the centre of ego satisfaction. To live a totally aware life makes a call to understand drivers for so called good actions and reactions too.

But once we are aware that what was the inner cause, the mind drivers. What is next? The toughest point is about creating understanding of self. Because we live a totally unmindful life. Once my friend was ask to write 20 points on herself, and it got really tough for her. She was not able to get over 10. She could not figure out a list of 20 things about her ownself. That makes me realize the unmindfulness. What we do is most of the times done in such a unmindful state that we don’t understand the reason or cause behind it. But once we understand and come in a mindful state than we are in the state of having choices. We have the power to choose our reactions. Weather we want to get angry and shout hysterically, or see the whole situation from a new point of view. I love to exercise this choice in my life, it makes me unpredictable 🙂

Feel the inner power grow with heightened awareness!!

2 thoughts on “Taking a step further”

  1. the article is insightful though i have certain rejection.
    the love, compassion, empathy, are arises out of joy in awarness of present movment, not from ego satisfaction.
    most of people live in mind and identify themselves with their mind.
    it is rightly intepreted here that our perception makes somthing good or bad. and creating awarness to the reaction is to disidentify with ego/mind.

    1. Hello raj,

      Thanks for your comment. I do agree that the feelings like love, compassion, empathy arise from the joy of present moment. If all these emotions are giving you joy at the moment and are not reciprocated as we feel they must be, than would the feelings still be a source of joy? The reciprocation and expecting it is a glimpse of our ego working.

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