Colors as symbols

spring-colorsColors are an important aspect of our life.  We connect so many of our emotions and feelings with colors. Like being red with anger or green in jealousy. Effects of colors on our psyche is profound. The choice of our colors tells a great deal about our thinking and personality. Young vibrant people like bright colors and people who don’t feel passion for life may have a bent towards the greys. I have been practicing with colors, and have got wonderful results.

Colors are actually energies vibrating at different frquencies. Every color has its unique vibrating pattern. The vibrating pattern can be in synchronisation or in desychronisation with our energies. Every color has its importance and maintains a certain balance in our being. The need of different colors is different in different stages of our life.  When there is peace missing we can understand our being is missing the vibrations of blue color. Your love life misses passion than there is need of vibrations of Red color. Make your life colorful!!


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