Healing green

greenThe examples I have seen and set with green color are really marvelous. Many times I have felt the Wow! feeling , when I encountered the miracles done by green color. I had once suggested a person to meditate on green color,  the person had a beautiful garden. When I asked him to meditate on green color, he said, he already lives amidst so much of greenery, his garden had many plants, with big bright green leaves. He spent every evening in his garden reading some book. So is not the natural green color working? Why does he need to meditate on it. I had come across such questions at some other occasions too. There may be many different colors around us, after all we live in a beautiful colorful world. But do we give any amount of awareness to them? When I say meditate I mean to give focus and attention to the color or a symbol. As we get calm, make our mind empty of thoughts and start to focus on a color or symbol, we connect to it at a creative level. If there are some disturbances in your vibrations, which can be corrected by color green, than you need to focus on the color in a peaceful open state. Green will start healing you. A focused connection is important. Like the person, who I was talking about had a beautiful garden, but he being in the garden also, focused on some book. Even a small piece of Green color card will heal you if you focus on it. And if you don’t focus, no amount of green color in your surroundings will help you.

Coming back to the miracles of green. Green is basically a healing color. Green is the color of nature, life, fertility. It symbolises growth, balance and life force. I remenber a wonderful experience I had with green color. I once met a person, who had just passed MBBS, he had come for few days to visit the college I was working in. I happened to meet him and he said me he just feels to share his feelings with me. He was in depression and felt low at the moment. I could clearly sense, lose of life force within him. His actions showed lethargy and dullness. I suggested him to meditate on green color after understanding everything. Because all colors don’t suit everybody, there are many things to be taken care of while suggesting a color or symbol. He left the same evening I had suggested him with a promise to meditate on green color. I got the joy of my life, when after few days he sent me a message, that he was feeling very nice, relaxed energetic and not only this but his habit of smoking was completely gone. He could not explain why but he did not feel to smoke anymore. I have seen many such beautiful miracles happening with colors.

More about magic of colors coming……………..

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