Passionate Red

Red roses for passion
Red roses for passion

A wonderful symbol of passion is red. Ever wondered why do people falling in love suddenly start a liking for red. Hmmm…the vibrations…..If you miss color red from your life, you are missing too much of it. Life lived without passion is really not lived at all, it is just passed. Red is a color of vitality and energy too. In olden times it was used to cure scarlet fever. Red symbolizes self confidence and courage.It is not a good color for people suffering form high blood pressure. The previous saints, healers, ayurveda charyas were no one but great scientists of the time. Any bodily disorder like inflammation or fever was treated with help of red color using red cloth.

Never to forget, red is the color of lovers, when they are passionately in love with each other. So they gift red roses and red dresses. Do you feel your girl friend is missing passion in your affair. Gift her a pack of red handkerchiefs and see the difference!

Red is very good color, to restore vitality in life. Red is a warm color, so utmost care is taken before suggesting this color to anyone. I had given the color as a energy capsule to a person. I had to carefully study her energies before the suggestion. Nandini was living in the nearby flat, and I in those days was busy studying affects of colors. When I met her for the first time, she was happy and radiated joy. After about a month, I met her on a my way to my home, and she was standing in her balcony. I felt some gloom around. She saw me and called me. She said she was feeling low so thought a company would do good. Having the sips of hot ginger tea, she shared she had lost her job. It had affected her so much, that it showed on her overall persona. There was a dullness all around. She had no hope and was not even trying to find an another job. She shared that she could not work as she got tired very soon and could not maintain to even stand for more than ten minutes. I  knew this was all due to the mental state and had no physical issues. After asking few important question I suggested her the to meditate on a red triangle. The results were startling, she had started moving out in search of job in just five days. In few days her whole persona started emitting energy and joy yet again. I had than suggested to discontinue to meditate on red color, as it had done its work by balancing necessary vibration. Than, I suggested a symbol to continue the journey.

Red if in excess can trigger anger and restlessness. But keep showering your beloved with many red roses, to keep the flame burning!!


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