Inspiring yellow!

The magic of color is eternal. Colors play a dominant role in our life. We cannot underestimate the affects of color in our life. There are many decisions where colors play a important role. The color of the walls of our house to the color of your dresses, shoes, accessories. All the things which we consider and personal, are chosen according to their colors. They reveal a lot about our personality. Color at an unconscious level motivate us or can also repel us. They play an role in our behavior, our mental conditions and even spiritual growth. A single color has a lot of properties. So when you are flashing a color to your right brain, keep the results you wish to achieve running in your mind

Inspiration in natural beauty
Inspiration in natural beauty

Yellow is today’s color. Its healing properties are strong and is known to be helpful in curing tuberculosis.The vibrations of yellow are said to affect some part of our brain, making it useful in curing mental disabilities or deficiencies. Its presence is inspiring and makes one feel generous. It is useful for people who are learning some form of divination, as this color helps in increasing intuition and clairvoyance. Yellow color has a natural illumination and brightness within it and thus has the same effects on us.

There are ample of examples where have I have seen yellow color doing wonders in life of people. Again I would like to add a word of caution here. We are energy vibrating at a different level and colors are energies vibrating at a different level, so a proper understanding of the self is required before using any color, specially red, yellow and orange. I myself had used yellow color when I was connecting with my Tarot cards. It had all become a awesome experience for me as just after two days I had made such a strong connection that I felt the cards actually speaking to me.

I had suggested a student to keep a yellow square to keep with him.He had shared that he had very less interest in studies and it had become a major concern for his parents, as they continuously nagged him about it. I asked him to focus on the color just before sitting to study. He reported me after ten days, that after concentrating on yellow color, he felt his spirits lifted and felt what ever he would do he can do his best in that. He also put good effort only to sit to study with the new gained inspiration.

Color contain deep symbolism that is understood by your inner deeper self. If you have started a new journey in any avenue of your life, even if it is spiritual, meditate on yellow color and make the journey smoother and flowing!


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