Calming blue!

We have seen healing green, passionate red, inspiring yellow and today I would like to share about blue and magic of some other colors too. I had started posting it under the category of symbols as I had mentioned colors are symbolic. Colors become my priority when ever I am asked to speak about symbols. Thus, here too they get the front seat. I had decided to post about blue after some days but it is so interesting and wonderfully effective color that I had to post it today. There is one more color too that is specially dear to my heart- Violet. I had a natural attraction for violet, and the obvious reasons for my attraction were revealed in later stages when I took colors much more than they are perceived by all.

The vastness of colors were once revealed to me time to time and sometimes in a very strange way. I had encountered it while I had just started experimenting with green. I was in my college in those days and one fine morning I decided to to look around and find as many examples as possible related to green. As I entered the common bathroom, I saw a dark green towel on the door, I had never seen it, and touched it and felt it was brand new. The whole day I kept coming across so many of green examples………I was totally baffled. I felt as if the whole world was conspiring and suddenly in a day had switched to green color. From green cars ( I had first time seen that color in that model of car) to green pants to green plates to some what more greener trees and plants around. The elements of universe come together and conspire to help you move forward in the path when you are right at place. My path was predeclared and I am happy to understand the support of universe. I don’t say “get the support” as we all get support from universe, when we are right at place and timing, we just need to understand it.  So I had collected ample of examples of green with the insights too about their applications.

Naturally blue
Naturally blue

Coming to the topic of the post now “Calming blue”!. Blue is a soothing cool color. The immediate effect is feeling of peace around. It has healing properties too, which includes high blood pressure and headaches, skin diseases and inflamation. Blue is color that gives a feeling of rest, tranquility and quietude. A feeling of harmony is felt within. I have suggested blue color quiet liberally to people as there are less number of people whose energies don’t harmonize with blue. A colleague of mine, flashed blue color before every workshop he conducted. As blue color enhances the receptivity and has profound effects on communication skills. This property is due to its connection with throat chakra.

I term orange as “Ambitious orange”, as it symbolizes ambition, fire, pride and enthusiam. Orange is the color of sun so has a stimulating effects. It is a very grand color, helps in enhancing spiritual growth and adds glory and dignity to the personality. It is seen effective in curing paralysis, low blood pressure and loss of appetite. orange

Coming to my favourite color violet, that is a very good color for students as its affects are seen on memory enhancement and retention and recollection. It is also a good color for people having spiritual aspirrations. Its healing properties are seen in heart, lung and blood problems. It is useful in strokes and helps releasing anxiety.

I have described the colors in brief. Every color has a vast range and need lot of effort and time to understand their true nature. I welcome any queries and even would like to know if you have ever experienced any magic of colors!


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