Who are you?

I am a seeker since years and as the mysteries unfolded I found myself walking this path past many birth’s. All along the path I have understood many different concepts and paradigms of enlightenment. I kept moving with no offense with any theory or path, because in all the path’s, what works is unconditional love, faith and surrender. A stone statue is also seen as God when seen with eyes filled with unconditional love and faith.

I encountered the term Nonduality in recent times again. Again because I had understood this wonderful concept in past during my talks with AD. He had given me a brief understanding, as he always advised to seek answers to the questions he gave, he gave me yet another question when I inquired about Advaita. It is his style of making one realizing the truth. So the first time I read about Advaita in a book I inquired about it. He asked me instead ” Who are you” He asked me think what ever I thought I am since the time I gained the consciousness of understanding this. It meant from the time when some one would ask me who I am and I would answer My name is so and so, I study in so and so class and live at so and so place. This was my identification. It was not stable including my name too! So who was I? What is that to which I could identify myself. What is it that is unchanging that is the truth.

According to Adi Shankara what ever remains unchanging and eternal is truth and things that are not eternal and are ever changing are not true, not real. Just as our identities that in the whole life keep on changing. From a school goer to college student, to an doctor, engineer or anything, than identified with promotions. Our personal identities also keep changing. There is something that is unchanging unwavering eternal in everyone of us. It is the center of us and it brims with bliss.

What keeps us away from this centre of bliss, is the Maya, the illusionary world. The concept of non duality, asks us to understand the underlying oneness in everything. When this oneness is revealed to us in our moments of self enquiry and contemplation followed by moments of silence, the mystery is unfloded. According to Hinduism, the only reality, the great being is called Brahman. The universe unfolds its true nature when a seeker seeks with deep desire and right perception.

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