Understanding aura

It must be some nine years back when for the first time I heard the term aura. I was attending a Reiki workshop. The instructor Ms. Anita, wonderfully explained everyone about universal energies and how do we use the universal energies for healing. I was intrigued when she uttered “Aura“. It seemed as some mystical term. She further explained how do healing of our body affect our aura. She dint go deep in the subject as it was not the topic of the day. After the classes I tried to inquire but understood it was not her area of expertise. Not to say she did really well in her area of expertise. It took three full days for me to learn just first degree of Reiki, to which she had put lot of effort. Now a days I see advertisements frequently where people claim to give first degree and second degree and sometimes even grand degree all at once in just couple of days.

Divine aura seen as a Halo around Lord Krishna
Divine aura seen as a Halo around Lord Krishna

After few years my interest was reignited while talking to my master AD. As per the understanding I gathered during the talks and studies I feel that Aura is more of a metaphysical term. According to Quantum Physics, this whole universe is energy. The energy vibrates at different levels and frequencies. When we look around we find different forms of energy. We are also a form of energy just vibrating at a different level. Aura in the most simple terms is the energy field around us. Even science has now started appreciating this idea of an energy field enveloping us.

The phenomenon was known since ages. We are again rediscovering the truth. Spirituality and science have build bridges especially after one of the greatest thinkers Einstein postulated quantum physics to explain the sub-atomic reality. Since then extensive studies and researches have started in human energy field. Even the attempt to photograph and measure the strength of human field has been going on for a while. The presence of an energy field encircling us is felt by each of us at different phases and situations. Like we generally use the term personal space. What is this personal space and why are we so sensitive about the personal space. The answer lies in energy field surrounding us. This energy field is not something separate from us, it emanates from us and it also carries our identity. Yes it carries our identity….no no I don’t mean to say that it has any genetic material in it. Our personality is our identity and a good aura reader will be able to tell you a lot and lot about your personality, behaviors, likes, dislikes just by reading the aura.

The human energy field, which is also known as aura is a very mystical phenomenon. There are many studies done and many instruments discovered to measure and see aura. Aura in the language of science is actually an electromagnetic field surrounding humans. Aura is actually an emanation emerging from the body surrounding the human body. Our psychological and emotional activities are sent out through the body as electrical impulses, radiating electromagnetic fields, outside the body which are characteristics of the mental activity that generate them. In electrical engineering it is an established principle that all electrical currents moving through a wire produce surrounding electromagnetic field. Our physiological and emotional energies travel along the biological pathways that are the neural pathways and energy meridian pathways. When these transmissions occur they cause electromagnetic fields to radiate outside the body. These transmissions have varying characteristics like sound, color, and light frequencies. The characteristics of these energy fields are unique to every person, as every being created by the supreme is unique.

Have you ever felt your energy field?


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