Ever sensed your beloved even if he is miles away?

Knowing in the heart who is calling when you advance to pick up a call, is a feeling many people have felt, especially or rather always when a dear one is calling. It is a gut feeling as we say it normally. Everything and every one around us is made up of energy and that is vibrating at different levels. It is such a subtle but beautiful phenomenon happening around all the time which most of us do not question or think about. Strange!

Raw Telepathy- Play of energies
Raw Telepathy- Play of energies

Somewhere we know who is on the door, when the bell rings. Mothers feel their child is in danger or is sad. My mom everytime knows when I am sad or depressed and calls me immediately to know why is she not getting easy vibration from me. She is a Reiki grand master and so is very sensitive to vibrations. This phenomenon is sometimes so profound that everyone feels it. We feel discomfort in the presence of certain people and when we are at certain places. While presence of some people gives us soothing feeling and some places, generally places filled with natural beauty give abundant pleasure. Have you ever hugged a tree, the feeling is the one of abundance. Look around and find numerous examples of energy play.

Ever sensed your beloved even if he is miles away? I say if ‘he’ is miles away as I am referring to the fairer sex’s experience. The sensitivity of women is greater and broader than men. Women feel deeply and feel the loving energies of the beloved from great distances and even send loving energies through great distances. Women have this natural gift of being more sensitive. Ask a women to sit in a park and feel the vibration of the grass under her feet, she will be able to do so after a while. While men (not all) may get up and laugh on the whole idea. It is the sensitivity of a women, who can sense even cheating energies coming from her beloved. Even if she does not say, its somewhere in the corner of her mind. This is all the play of energy. So beware men.. we are gifted 🙂


12 thoughts on “Ever sensed your beloved even if he is miles away?”

  1. Women can normally do multiple stuff simultaneously whereas man can only focus one thing at a time.The brain has been developed in thousands of years based on the different activities of different sexes.Women takes care of baby, cooks food and collects things for house.Man normally goes for hunting. while hunting, man can only concentrate on his activity as he is in more dangerous situation. while woman in more protection mode and feared for his husband can always link herself while doing house activities. Man and woman can only compliment each other and nobody is superior than other.

    1. “being gifted does not mean superior.. women are gifted with these abilities and they have all the rights to feel good about it.. men are free to detect their strengths, feel great about it and flaunt these. All the best!

  2. we all do hav sixth sense , a bit more active in some dormant in some.
    Nature has gifted us all wth many things
    that we can never understand and it happens
    bt whenever it happens wth us as wth me
    i never understand how it happened…

  3. You say, we all do have a sixth sense……..and if it happens with you and you never understand, so you too have some sixth sense, if you want to understand, get aware and activate it.

  4. hmm interesting article,

    i just read the books named “many masters many lives” and “only love is real”. by Dr. Brian L Weiss. he also talked about two Soulmates reuniting after 2000 years.
    and also interesting fact than one soul can be male in only life and female in other.

  5. Spot on!!!

    And btw, here is one male who has had similar experiences even when “she” has been hundreds of miles away. I would even go on to say that we have had almost similar dreams even. May be sheer co-incidence or may be something psychic.

    I would like to know more about that story of two soul mates re0uniting after 2000 years. What does it mean actually?

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