The Dragon Symbol

Symbols being my passion, I have a habit of looking out for symbols at different places and further connecting with them. Recently I saw a blog having a Dragon symbol in its header,  which itched me to write something about it.  The word dragon comes from Greek word “drakon” that means viper snake.  A symbol of dragon is an interesting symbol, having mention in many different cultures. It is an ancient symbol and is generally related to Chinese culture. Chinese use dragon symbol in astrology. Dragons are said to have  spiritual significance over various religions and cultures. Different cultures like Greek, Japanese, Chinese, European, Vedic, Semitic and Persion have mention of dragon in different forms.

fire-dragon-symbolDragon although having a fierce look, are not taken to be dangerous and fierce beings. They have a long and rich  history and if we have a look at the structure of dragon, we will find some differences in different cultures. As Japanese dragon has three claws while Chinese dragons have four claws. There is interesting mention here that dragons loose their toes as far they travel from their home.  Indian dragons  look more like a serpentine. Slavic dragons have  a multi-headed look, they are said to be breathe fire. In some cultures they are said to have super natural and magical powers. They are also reported to speak human language. And many cultures depict them as protective loyal beings.

Dragon has an important symbolic significance.  A dragon biting its own tail signifies eternity. Dragons are also found to be connected to wisdom and longetivity. The powers of dragon can be considered both destructive and benevolent. They are somehow attached to rains, as in China dragons made up of paper and wood are used to attract rain.  It seems they act as mediator between humans and nature. They can be found depicted in many places as shields, swords and other weapons and even in palaces, as they have a majestic look. They play a major role in Feng shui, as they symbolize Yang that is masculine energy.

Dragon as I see is a fabulous animal, having royal look having a big ego.  They have a natural attraction and you can never overlook a dragon statue anywhere. It has to be used with care, as it has lot of yang energy into it. It symbolizes natural strength, magnificience, good luck and help in connecting with elemental energies.

If you are interested to know whether you can use dragon as a symbol to improve a situation. You can leave your questions in comments. I shall be addressing them.

One thought on “The Dragon Symbol”

  1. I agree. In fact, I feel this very often. It usually happens with me that a random idea comes to my mind and I spend some time over it and in the next 24 hours I get to know of something which is in direct connection with this random idea. Yes, the context is sometimes a bit different but on a no. of occasions, even the context has been the same.

    I don’t know what it means. I see 2 layers here. First layer is when we recognize such things since they were fresh in our mind. This is a very trivial thing, almost like you saying hey I was on the road, felt thirsty and just then I saw a cold drink stall. Often this is the case (though not as simple and obvious as this thirst one), but we don’t realize it.

    The second layer is when you happen to receive info about the idea in your mind WITHOUT making any obvious effort. For eg. reading something in the newspaper about something that had suddenly come to your mind a day before just as a spark.

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