How does universe talk to us

Universe has its own way to communicate. The perfect harmony in the universe is understood in many ways and what happens to us is not out of total chaos condition. Universe signals us, hinting a predefined occurrence that exemplifies the harmony. I am here referring these signals as symbols. Some simple symbols, we all are aware about, like a cat crossing the path symbolizes bad luck. In India we have many such signs, that have been tagged under superstitions. The symbols I am asking to look out for, are not for everyone to understand. It is a symbol presented to you and only you by the universe in its own unique way.

A symbol can be anything, like if you are thinking and confused weather to go on for a journey or not. You may get  positive symbols as a picture of train or a booklet regarding schedule of trains you get unexpectedly  somewhere, or may be you just hear someone sharing their good traveling experiences or you may see a migrating bird. You just need to get aware and look around for the symbols of universe when you feel prevaricate. You may observe that you get to see symbols that connect with each other some way.

One very nice way to understand universal symbols is in a big library. Think about the question in your mind for few minutes, you wish to deal with. Enter the library and don’t look at the subject plates, just roam around where your heart says. Keep looking at the books. Take your time and as when you feel like picking a book, pick it up and open a page randomly and read through the whole page. You will find your answer there. This exercise sometime really surprises, when you find exactly what you are looking for. Even if you feel the context of the page does not match with your answer. Contemplate for sometime and you will find the deeper meaning.

I would like to know if you have ever come across such symbols anytime in lifetime. If you find difficult in solving the intricacy I would be more than happy to do it for you.


3 thoughts on “How does universe talk to us”

  1. Hi Devpriya, I think this is a beautiful way to be in the world – it helps me to be so much more in the present when I remember to see in symbols. I become much more aware of my surroundings and the elements within them. Your idea for exercising this in the library is a wonderful way to play and understand the idea better, while possibly getting a deeper insight for oneself. There is a book you might enjoy, that combines what you are saying along with the shapes we see in forms and designs titled Signs of Life: The Five Universal Shapes by Angeles Arrian.
    Thanks for your visit and comment on my blog, too. Glad to have “met” you here in the blogosphere! Karin

  2. hey Priya

    Very interestng indeed….I dont know why but I always find a glimpse of Pulo Coelho in ur writings..No wonder you love his works….I loved it…Great !!!


    1. Thanks Karin, I saw the book you mentioned and found it interesting, I am too glad to know you. Thank you dear

      Maitabi, I am honored to be compared with a person I admire. Thank you so much..

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