Centering Spiral

After the previous post on Mandalas, next symbol that comes to my mind is a “spiral”. For some strange reasons I find similarity between both the symbols. Much before than the time I saw a spiral in the light of symbolism, I had formed a peculiar connection with them in form of Doodles. If any one who does not know what is a doodle, it can be defined as informal scribble, like something we do when we have a pen and paper with us but have no thoughts to put down. They are said to reveal some aspects of personality. I had a this peculiar habit of drawing spirals as doodles. I filled pages and pages with them.

Spirals are the one of the earliest symbols which give evidence of human creative consciousness. They been found drawn over walls of caves and floors. There are numerous stone carvings depicting spirals. This symbol has made its positive space in almost all cultures that ascribed a meaning to it. Spirals wide spread depiction echo universal appeal. To name a few of its historical illustrations, we find it in ground drawings of Nazca, classical architecture of western europe and Mediterranean and American petroglyphs. They are also found in yogic drawings in Hindu scriptures and Celtic art.  As I look at the symbol of spiral, the word resonance echos in my mind. I feel it resonating with human psyche.

Universal evolution
Universal evolution

The best examples of spirals are found in nature. Can you think of some? They show up in tornedos, hurricanes, in wide range of shells, double helix in structure in DNA, and even in spiral structure of galaxy, the form in which leaves grow on  a stem. We may find many more if we look around.

They symbolize change and evolution. They represent different form of cycles like cycle of the  seasons, cycle of life and death, cycle of growth and change, cycle of day and night. Like Mandalas spiral also hold meditative qualities. It can become your symbol of spiritual journey, if you choose to draw it and meditate over it or choose to draw it in a meditative mood. Spiral is journey of life, which is never in a straight line, we may again and again have same experiences in different perspectives till we learn the messages of universe.  A very nice spiritual exercise is to walk around a labyrinth and stand in its middle, centering our consciousness. Below is a picture of sspiral that I use for meditative practices.


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