Do you listen it?

Have you known how your inner self talks to you? It craves to talk to you and has been shouting and we fail to listen and alas it stops all together.It is the sound of your inner being. There are physical sounds which are the ones which we are listening every day. But these are the sounds which are more than the physical sounds, the sounds which come from the universe. The sounds generate in our inner deeper self. They are not heard by our physical ears but with our inner ears. Why are we not able to listen to those guiding inner voices always?

Its just because we are never aware of them. We have forgotten to pay attention and become aware of them. I say ‘forgotten’ because it is always not so. We have not born as the completely ignorant being as we have become today.  As we start paying attention to what universe wants to share with us, and what does our inner being crave to share we open new adventures in our life. Life can be lived only when there is a adventure and through out the journey we are feeling more and more alive with each step. The voices take us to a new adventure in life, lead you to a path for which you have took birth.

Just close your eyes and give some time to your self. Sit in complete silence. The first stage is when you will get more and more aware of the physical noise and slowly as you dwell in silence, your inner self will talk to yourself. may be for the first time! Before entering the meditation, make an intent to listen to your inner being. Happy adventure!!

One thought on “Do you listen it?”

  1. Our life experiences do indeed cloud our perceptions. When faced with a question, a child is open to many options, but an adult may be open to only very few. Have you read “Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind” by Shunryu Suzuki?

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