Are you sure about what you want?

Well this was the question I asked my friend as she was struggling to understand why was life not happening to her the way she thinks or wants. As we dwell deep into discussion, about what was exactly happening and how does she life and how is it different than what she feels it should be.

I can confess here that there was a constant change in the pattern of her desires. Is it only with her? So when ever some one asks me to help him or her with any form of manifestation in life, the first question ask is ” Are you completely doubt free that you wan this particular thing to happen in your life” Many people stop for a moment and rethink. Yes it is very important to know that what you exactly wish in your life. To be exactly sure that how you see your life after 5 years or so. That gives us a better picture of where we are and where do we think we need to proceed. It may take a long time for you to come to a conclusion sometimes in deciding the particular exact desire of your life. But it is worth knowing it. So how can you know what you really desire in your life??

2 thoughts on “Are you sure about what you want?”

  1. Lots of people really don’t know what they want in life. Even when the desires are fulfilled there is no satisfaction and there is another desire waiting after that. Ghalib has rightly said…
    एय खुदा, या तो इस दिल की सारी ख्वहिशे पुरी कर दे ,
    या तो एक एसा दिल दे जिस्मे कोई भी ख्वहिश ही ना हो


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