Why time tables fail?

Is it only with me or most of you all out there? Why do I feel that every time I form a time table, I fail to follow it…but work better when work instinctively.

When there is a time limit, we need to make a time table to achieve the goals on time. Although I feel that I have failed in keeping pace with my time table, there is something I have achieved. That what I wish to share here.

The rigidity in time table is the first cause of it s failure. Now, you may think, if it is not rigid that it is not a time table. I really feel, it needs to have some space within the time table..one or two hours when there is nothing to be done. When you can think what have to achieved, or what is more on what you can work, or is there something you need to do. Are there some new ingredients to be added to accomplish the goal. Remember! the whole idea of forming the time table is to achieve a goal.

A time is set aside to think and feel about your goal. When you will think, how is your goal going to fill your life and life of other people with happiness, joy and tranquility. If you find your goal is not giving happiness and joy to other people than it is the time to rethink about your goal. Your whole effort is waste if it is only done for your self satisfaction and not a single other person is getting something good out of it. At this time fill yourself with attitude of gratitude towards the universe, who is constantly helping you achieve your dreams and is always opening up new endeavors for you.

When you will add these two special ingredients to your time table. It will never fail nor with your dream..

All the best!


One thought on “Why time tables fail?”

  1. Hi Devpriya,

    Long time!!

    …Good random thoughts to ponder upon!

    My question would be whether time table is only a tool meant for time management and accomplishment of goals or else it has some other aspects in life.

    I read somewhere that universe is not miser nor it starts offerring opportunities when we think it is doin so.. in fact they say its compassion is like eternal rain. The moment we open our eyes we see that. If we feel Universe became kind to us on a given date and prior to that it was behaving cruel with us, then i feel it might be just another projection of our hidden desires and likings. Universe is always full of compasion and ever merciful, they say. Turning blind eye to some opportunities while being greatful to others might just be our conscious choice or selfishness as well..

    I would like to read your views on – Is there any differenence between selfishness and being self-centered, What part selfishness plays in Love and charity. And whether there is any act which can be devoid of selfishness?

    Keep writing..

    – J

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