Mandalas are actually referred as sacred circles. The word mandala is derived from a Sanskrit word meaning circle or particularly sacred circle. Although the word having a origin from a sanskrit word we cannot associate it with a certain religion. Mandalas are found in all cultures through out time. Mandalas have their place in healing, sacred geometry and psychology and they have also attracted attention of artists and architects. We find mandalas generally circular in shape but they can be even in shape of square. It depends on the application on the mandala. Mandalas are made in the form that, the attention is drawn apparently towards the centre. Mandalas have a vast expression, they carry with them so much knowledge which we may understand but fail to grasp.

Looking at the symbolic view of mandala, they symbolize wholeness. The symbolism although cannot be understood in just one word, and if I use only a single word I would not be doing justice to it. I will try to put down some of my views over it. They symbolize change, as the change that occurs with time, like a wheel of fortune or a change occuring in seasons and natural cycles as time advances. They represent the integration of positive and negative cycles. They give an insight in our own self, in the human totality. They have relevance in many fields but I am particularly drawn to its symbolic meanings and the use them as a tool for contemplation. In nature you may find abundant Mandalas, like right now I see a Mandala in a slice of lemon in front of me on the table!

Nearly every week I sit in peace, do a bit of mind calming and start drawing a mandala. They become my expression to the yearnings that don’t find words. I contemplate on some subject for sometime and than draw what ever comes to my mind. They are wonderful as a  meditative practice, as I color them I find my thoughts and feelings more integrated.

To learn mandala meditation or to have a personalized mandala based on your energy characteristics mail me at: divine.devpriya(at)

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