The symbolic world

Symbols are the language of soul.

Understanding and interpreting a symbol is not the job of our left brain, the logical part of us. The beauty of symbol cannot be caught in words, in the language known to us. So many times I feel loss of words when anyone asks me to describe a particular symbol. Symbols are for our right, subconscious part to understand. Their essence is caught in feeling them and let them work on our psyche. Many people have understood the importance of symbols and how do they effect our psyche but superficially. The majority of people are the ones making advertisements and influencing us. This is all happening and effecting us without our awareness. The affects are on the deeper parts of our psyche. It is our right brain working which influences you and has the power to influence your surroundings also. You cannot understand the language if you put your logical part into action. The right brain has a direct connection with the huge energy reserves of the universe. It converses with the universe in a different language, it is the language of symbols. There are no words spoken, there are no discussions done between your soul and the universe, or we may say between you and your higher self. Because everything is ONE. The symbols are understood by your right brain and they affect everything, your thoughts, your actions and even your surroundings. Colors are also form of symbols. You can know more here

Affects of symbols can be conscious and unconscious both. Choose the symbols that surround you and the particular symbols depending on what you wish to manifest in your life. I will be very happy to help you. For any queries related to symbols and their application you can mail me at : divine.devpriya(at)


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