Journey is beautiful!!

Life had never come with a promise to be full of happiness and comforts. It was ought to be tough with full of various challenges. Every person has a challenge. I have never met a single person who could tell me that there were no challenges and life was a smooth journey for him/her.

The journey from the moment we take our first breath till the moment we take our last breath is a significant one. What could be the significance of it? Just to make the journey easy and understandable the society has laid certain rules. The time line is presented. Complete your education till a certain age, get married, have children and so on…but is this the only significance of life or there is more to it. Why are there different challenges for different people, what does our creator expect from us…..

Although the life had not come with a promise to be full of happiness but the creator had send us with the promise to support us in all our endeavours and make the journey beautiful. The creator created a solution for every challenge he gave us and comfort for every discomforting situation we face. The elements are always ready to help us and heal us. The challenges are given for us to understand the power of supreme and the power within us. With every challenge we learn to evolve and learn the lesson of life.

The journey is beautiful as we unfold the secret of it with the elements…


5 thoughts on “Journey is beautiful!!”

  1. That is so true! Just as each person is unique, so is his/her difficulties…and intuitively, i feel that there should be some understanding that God wants us to make us wise with. Without that understanding, the problem won’t dissolve, it would sustain in our lives. After the understanding dawns on us, it all either should melt away or we are so much at peace that it doesn’t bother us…

    I just feel it ought to be like that…but my understanding is purely intellectual, which, alas, solves no problems!

    The post is simple and beautiful!


  2. Life every person is unique, the challenges in every life are so different…. and i too feel, on an intellectual level, that they are meant to drive an understanding in our lives…
    When the understanding is grasped, the problems would either melt away or we are so much at peace with ourselves that these things don’t bother us… i feel it should be so intuitively, but my understanding is just a mix of intuition and intellectual thinking which doesnt help much 😦

    1. Dear Niraj, Thanks for the comment. We generally work by our heads and not hearts and when someone thoughtful like you starts to understand this there is a mix of intuition and intellectual thinking….

      Ma Devpriya

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