Peaceful winters!!

As the winter has approached in its totality, the whole environment has become peaceful and calm. There are no background noises, it has become completely still. I can listen to my inner noises and when I silent my mind I am able to listen to my inner voices too. It is the right time to sit and meditate on the faint voices present in our environment. The voices that are always present and the voices that are inspiring and positive. They give you strength and show you the path.

I am talking about the inspiring air element present all around you. The element that gives you life and if you seek more it also has the capability of giving you purpose of life. At this time of the year, it becomes easy to connect to the element. It is cool and completely still. Many elemental magic practices are done at this time of the year, the energies are different and complaint.

Do you just feel the urge to sit in the cozy blanket with a mug of tea or coffee? Pick up that mouth organ/harmonica or flute and play it. Just play it, the music created by the air element will surely give ignite the sparks of fire element within you!!

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