The physical body- Play of elements

The physical body or the Annamaya Kosha is that part of our being that we know the best. Yes! All we know about our being is our physical body. It is our physical body to which we identify with. We have given a name to this physical body of our’s. We realize that whatever work or “Karma” we are able to do is due to the physical body of our’s. It is the vehicle of our soul on this earthly plane. The soul tries and aspires to fulfill the eternal thirst of it through this physical body. Our physical body is a beautiful interplay of five elements- Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Space. All the elements are present in a subtle balance in our body. Any imbalance in any of the element may lead to discomfort in our physical body as well as Mind body. I have written about air element in detail.

If we get a little aware of the small signals sent by our physical and mind body we can understand which element is trying to communicate with us. Just as you take care of your car which is vehicle that helps you travel from one point to other on the earthly plane take care of your physical body to that helps you (your soul) to travel from one plane of consciousness to other.

If you are experiencing some recent changes in your physical body or your mind body, remember you can heal them if you are soon in your action. Having a disciplined life style and having a well balanced diet is best way to keep the elements balanced. More about the elements in coming posts…


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