Conscious connections

עברית: פסל של שיווה היושב מעל הגנגס בראם-ג'ולה...
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I have spend much of my life time in Rishikesh where flows the holy Ganges. I feel to have shared a very special bond with the ganges or as I like to call her Ma Ganga. She is like a second mother to all those who connect to her. I remember going to her when ever I faced any problem or was to take a decision. Her blessings always helped me sail smoothly. Recently I again went to take her blessings, or should I say.. she called me. Again I was standing at a point where I had to take a decision. And my Ma Ganga knew that I need her and called me. As I sat on the banks, the cool water swept over my feet and my whole being seem to forget the sense of time and space. I talked my heart out to her and when I completed I was sure that my all prayers were answers and have gained strength to dissolve all the obstacles. The faith has always played miracles and I am in total awe that my journey has become smoother. She is just not a water element but a divine element. As I write this post, I feel goosebumps recalling the whole conscious connection we made!!

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