Natures law- Live in abundance

As I see the trees, the shrubs, the flowing water, the green fields, the colorful flowers and fleet of birds flying over my hearts swells, there is so much abundance that fills me. The joy is abundant and I fear it may take my breath away. I close my eyes. May be I am not in a habit of experiencing this abundance. As I breath deeply there is an realization to experience the abundance of life.

“I am walking a spiritual path, is it right to accumulate material possessions?”

“Well” I said “Are these material possessions a need or a want?”

“‘Some are need and some are just desires”

Shrub Roses
Shrub Roses (Photo credit: Michael J. Linden)

” There is no law in universe that says to live a poor and hard life if you wish to walk a spiritual path. But the word accumulation is wrong. Have you seen a full bloomed rose shrub? How beautiful, complete, joyous and abundant it seems to be? And then the seasons change, the roses are no more there, but have you seen the shrub crying and being sad on the loss it suffered? The nature shows us the perfect universal laws. Just by getting aware, you can learn the universal laws and walk the spiritual path. Get all the you need and desire, but remember to be detached, and this is your learning, your exam and your  responses will decide your result. Live as you are in a  water body flowing smoothly, that is filled with many beautiful fishes and exotic plants. If you try to get hold of any fish or plant, you will create chaos and disturb the peace, so just flow and everything will be near you and for you. Don’t cling just detach!”


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