Who are good people?

“Tattva Shakti Vigyaan transforms people into good people. Is it so?“- Vijaya

It is difficult to answer your question in a single yes or no. First I don’t know what is your idea of good people and whom do you put in that category? Second how can I question the divine element present in every one of us.

Every person has positive and negative approach towards life. He may act in a positive and so-called good way in some situation and may act in negative or so-called bad in some situation in other. so which category do you put him into? Suppose I ask some Mr. X for help and he chooses to help me but chooses not to extend the same help to the other person, than he becomes good for me and bad for other. No person is completely black (bad) or white(Good), we have grey shades. That is the exact reason we are humans and not devils or gods. As soon  as I was asked this question, it came to my mind that “All people are good” And this thought came when the participants of my Tattva Shakti Vigyaan Level 1 Deeksha Camp came to my mind. So they were all good people. So what is the special touch of TSV? Tattva Shakti Vigyaan helps you to increase the diameter of your goodness circle and intensify it.

So the First law of Tattva Shakti Vigyaan that is A- All is one. It teaches the TSV practitioner the practice of seeing the spark, the divine element in every person. It changes the way you see people and situations in your life. Things do not remain frustrating but as you move on with the practices your heart knows about a new feeling of empathy. TSV helps you to connect with that part of your being that knows the oneness prevailing in the universe. You may still find some so-called good or bad people on your way but then you choose to drop the categorization.  You are transformed into a spiritually abundant person. A type of personality that you thought of and your soul craved for.


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