Air element to stimulate creativity within

Are you struggling with writer’s block or you are not able to infuse the much needed creativity in your assignments at workplace or home, than it is time that you connect with the Air element. There are many methods to do so. I am sharing some simple ones to stimulate your mind,

1. Make a hand made fan from yellow paper( Read more about the color here). Hold it for few moments in the rising smoke of incense sticks. Now sit in a comfortable position, preferably on a chair with feet flat on ground. Close your eyes and fan yourself with your hand made fan. Feel the air element increase your mental awareness and alertness. This is done best sitting in your balcony.

2. Meditating on a symbol is a very effective method. Meditate on the image of third eye below for at least 10 minutes to stimulate your conscious mind and connecting to your knowledge body.Image

3. Now a very relaxing method for you all. Just open up your arms and stand in a breeze. As the element gushes around you, it cleanses and activates every part of you pulling you out of mental slumber.


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