Dancing in the rains!!

It is always so nice to see drops of water blessing the earth in the form of rains. The water element comes down from the space through the air and with a lightening to the earth. As all the elements meet it becomes a divine dance. The divine dance will be felt and seen when you see it and feel it through your heart, not from your head. If you let your mind come in between, it will tell you this is the same rain, how many times have you seen it. But in nature everything is fresh and new. Everything is reborn everyday.

Our whole earth, whole universe, the whole existence is a dance of elements. The best way to connect is to connect through your heart, because your heart sees the newness, the freshness, the beauty in being reborn. As you see the rain, feel as your eyes are in your heart not in your head. Then experience the whole moment. Close your physical eyes, but still experience the moment. Feel the cool drops touching you. Feel the wet mud below your feet, feel the cool breeze swaying around. Listen to the music of raindrops. It is a wonderful way to connect with the nature, with the elements.

The water element symbolizes emotions. There can be no positive emotion other then love. Love is having the highest vibrational energy. As you see and feel the dance of water element in a new way, the love arises within you. As you feel it arising, do not hold it, just start expanding and fill the whole space with your loving energies.

The rains bless the earth, and remind us about the love hidden in us. Connect to it and make it stronger and purer with the elements

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