The stable earth

The stability and strength of  Earth element is felt when we walk safely and carefree on it. This is something not many have thought about when walking on

The Earth element

the patient Earth. Earth element comprises of all the elements. It is considered to be basis and foundation of all the elements. It is called upon when our life misses the security factor, when things happen, relationships bloom and jobs secured but only to loose them soon.

Everything seem to have a short  life span. The Earth element stabilizes that very much needed component. No doubt that Earth element corresponds to Root Chakra. The chakra which associated with security, foundation and self image.

Your body, the physical body is actually perceived as it is due to this element. It is just so easy to connect to it but we seldom do so. Have got touched a tree lately or just sat of cool green grass, to know that the nature is just all around ready to connect and mix within us. Earth is viewed as mother who is nurturing and caring. Earth is like a support that gives nourishment and shelter. Earth is fertile and full of life blossoming from it.

Earth is the element which when enters the relationship to bind it in commitment and give it a social name. Earth comes in life to give it a meaning and tie a wandering ship securely to its anchor, but too much of it may never let the ship move and it may tend to forget its really meaning and goal.

TSV says the Earth element within us can become a source to connect to all elements within. According to Vedic knowledge all the elements are within the Earth element and all the element rise from Space element.

To know about your elements is very vital. It will help understand the underlying cause  and basic reality of every situation of your life. Balancing the elements workshop help you gain an deeper insight in your life from the point of view of element. Elements that are the building blocks of this universe, so when you deal with them you deal in the most direct way.


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