Message from Master for today!

|| Flower – Rise above the ordinary ||

Beloved Souls,

Today is Shraavani ( श्रावणी ) – A day being observed in Vedic community since time immemorial. On this day all the learned ones gather at the banks of holy rivers to take a dip and renew their resolve of protecting self, dharma (values) and nation. On this day all the teachers and learned ones (responsible for propagating knowledge and values) greet each other after achieving self-purification (आत्मशुद्धि).

Master sends out his wishes to all of you and suggests we become aware of our limiting beliefs, unhealthy patterns and inner-conflicts at least for today. “One moment of awareness can trigger a journey of life-time” Acharya ji adds.Hope you all will use this opportunity for self-introspection, make right choices to drive away the darkness of ignorance and achieve the achievable – being a source of love and light!


– Ma Shakti Devpriya

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