Tattva Shakti Vigyan Sadhana Experiences


Tattva Shakti Vigyaan initiates,

Divine Salutations to you all!

As an appointed teacher and guide to you, this is imperative on me that I remind you about the seriousness of the business you have engaged yourself in. I must tell you how your regular practices would make things change in and around you. You would remember how emphatically i put across the fact that there is no surprise if you feel dejected and disinterested in the sadhana after few initial days and that it is nothing but your test of perseverance. Hope you all are continuing with your practices and on your journey of self-expansion, exploration and transformation.

To begin with I would like to quote that my beloved, Master Agyaatdarshan says “जाग्रत मंत्र की शक्ति एक अकाट्य आध्यात्म-वैज्ञानिक सत्य है|” Meaning thereby the power of Mantras are scientific facts. You don’t have to have faith in the powers but just follow the process, results will always be there.  He further says “विद्युत् की शक्ति से भी अगर इसकी तुलना करें तो मंत्र की शक्ति बिलकुल वेसी ही है| शक्ति श्रद्धा कि मोहताज़ नहीं है | अगर आप बिजली पर श्रद्धा नहीं रखते और ४४० वोल्ट के नंगे तार को छूलें और आप को झटका न लगे ऐसा नहीं हो सकता| ठीक इसी प्रकार से अगर कोई व्यक्ति बेमन से भी किसी को गाली देगा तो भी अगला व्यक्ति लड़ने को तय्यार होगा| जाग्रत मन्त्रों के दीक्षा में बताई गई विधिपूर्वक अगर आप प्रयोग कर रहे हैं तो विशाल अनुभवों कि श्रंखला आप के सामने अनुभूत करने के लिए जरूर आएगी – उसे आप स्वयं भी नहीं रोक सकते|” In fact these words describe the nature of powers you are handling and also how inevitable it is to to feel the effects of Sadhana. These golden words have kept the members of Sacred Association glued on to their discipline and experience miracles, i wish and pray to the divine for you too.

Many of you might be interested to know what is the indicator that you are moving in the right direction, right? Okay. Following are few pointers which indicate you are moving and your sadhana is growing. After sadhana of only 2-3 weeks you may –

  • Some people may get cough, cold or sudden fever (this too pertains to cleansing)
  • Get a call from someone whom you had dropped from your mind
  • You feel your intuitions are proving to be correct
  • In your immediate relationships you may feel a sudden calmness or even turmoil (If things seems getting worse just do not panic. These shall pass after few days as these are just the side-effects of cleansing processes which you have triggered through your practices)
  • Those who aspire for career growth may get opportunities presented to them
  • Things around you may fall/break for no apparent reason leaving you wondering
  • Your dreams become vivid and you would remember them clearly
  • Sensation of Burning/coolness at the top of your head
  • Some of you may experience wonderful aroma oozing from nowhere (the source unknown)
  • Rarely some people feel as if someone knocked at the door but no one there when they attend to the call (don’t worry – its just in your head)

In fact our five senses are also related to five elements. Interestingly when you connect to the five elements and start to cleanse the energies in your being there by making your senses more sensitive and ready to receive psychic experiences. Many participants have reported to have developed stronger hearing or smelling power etc. Actually when the senses get cleansed you are bound to experience the sounds and taste, smell and visions which are around you in a very subtle form. This is what people refer as divine experiences.

One such experience has been shared by Indra Mohan Singh who attended Tattva Shakti Vigyan Initiation Workshop at Delhi. As I narrate this divine incident here I bow down the universal energies of elements. It happened so that after the initiation he was feeling really charged up for few days but as the work-pressure mounted he found his sadhana becoming a hasty routine. He felt the need to do the practices in peace and in continuity. To this effect he thought of going to a calm place and headed towards Rishikesh with some of his close friends. You all know Rishikesh is a holy place and has such vibrations that, if you are receptive to them, shall set you automatically on a spiritual high. In high energy places If you just take one step towards your goal you are assisted manifolds.

Mohan started to practice the rituals religiously and also performed the ‘Tattva Urja Prayog’ with “pinda” made up of the wet sand of holy river Ganga. After performing that prayog, he went up to his room to do his daily jaap (recitations). He felt completely relaxed during japa. After 40 minutes of japa and light dinner he slept in his room. After sometime, he felt a strong, pleasant, sweet aroma enveloping him. He had never, in his life experienced such a wonderful smell. He looked around and there was nothing, he saw out of the window, there was no one on the street. Out of his curiosity he just tried to find out the source of it. He came out of his room. It was 3:00 AM in the morning and the banks of river were deserted with no one around. He then became little fearful about it and came back to his room and slept again after requesting protection from the Gurumandal. As he described that experience literally his eyes sparked and hairs aroused – for him it was indeed once in a life-time, hair-arousing experience. His fears were put to rest when he was explained about the real reason for his experience and now he is engaged in the sadhana with renewed enthusiasm and all the vigor.

Many of you would have experienced something – small or big, relevant or sometimes even irrelevant things – I encourage you to bring it to the notice of Guru-mandala. If you share it here on the blog it will enrich others as well or alternatively you can write it over mail too. However if you have any questions/queries try asking here as it will benefit many.

Blessings from Master,
– Ma Shakti Devpriya


2 thoughts on “Tattva Shakti Vigyan Sadhana Experiences”

  1. I am happy for Indra Mohan and all of them who have found the treasure of their lives…as vivekananda would have quoted it, “Your time is come”! may your and AD’s grace be unto them and, if deemed worthy, unto me too..

    1. Dear Niraj,

      The amount of water collected in a pot depends how wide the lid stood open. I am sure your humility, surrender and faith in Master will definitely trigger the transformation. The day is not far..

      – Ma Shakti Devpriya

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