Answers to queries of Tattva Shakti Vigyaan initiates – (तत्व शक्तिविज्ञान साधकों की शंकाओं के समाधान)

|| Empowering the Elemental Connections ||

Lovely Souls,


There have been many mails coming in to me regarding experiences after Sadhana and it is heartening to see you all growing and navigating well through the path you have chosen for your self. One thing you, the TSV practitioners should always keep in mind that you are always protected and thus there is nothing to worry or get frightened if something unusual (sometimes breaking all physical laws and logic of yours) is experienced. It simply means you are now entering the territory of subtle energies and master’s grace is showering upon you. Needless to say this territory has rules beyond the laws physical sciences have to offer.

Now one of our beloved seeker has asked few questions which I feel should be answered here in the interest of benefit of all. You are advised to take directions from such Q&A sessions albeit it is necessary you keep reporting your progress from time to time.  I am taking the first question here.
I chant my personal mantra 108 times And do 5 minutes of  Shakti-Vahini Shodhan Kriya in the morning. Can i do the same in the evening also?


During deeksha, it is told that you do the chanting minimum 108 times. This number is essential to keep the connection (between you and elemental energies) alive. In Deeksha, the Master’s energies are channelized and this exert a pull on your energies and forcibly create channels in your Chakras to be able to start a communication with elemental energies. It is a delicate channel which requires regular energizing by the practitioner. And for that chanting of 108 times is recommended.

If the practice is left in between for a durations (longer than a period of 11 days) it would make the connection dormant. In such cases, especially if you have not been a practitioner for long, you will have to make a personal effort to renew this dormant channel. But that does not mean you can keep skipping your practices and renew the connection every 11th day! The reason is simple, suppose a mother does not feed a new-born child properly up to certain age he/she, due to malnutrition, will suffer some permanent deformities and under-development in his body. Properly fed child in his/her adulthood can go on an indefinite fast without much of issue. Similarly it is really essential to feed your mantra in its nascent stage. So if someone due to any reasons (illness included) had to stop practices for greater than said duration, he/she must contact the Teacher to know what is to be done to revive the elemental connection.

In fact to derive maximum benefit from the Mantra, you should do it as much (even 1100, 2100 or 5100 every day if possible) as you can do however it is essential that once you take up a particular number you should maintain those many counts everyday. Suppose you decide to do 5 rounds of 108 each day then you will take to maintain it throughout. In no circumstances it should be reduced below that number as tapering in counts is not permitted. In fact you can take ‘vow’ or ‘sankalpa’ to complete a definite auspicious count like 1.25 Lakh. But sadhana with such sankalpa should start during waxing moon (when the size of moon is increasing in the sky) except the 1st day after no-moon night (amavasya). Such Sadhana can start from 2nd day of amavasya. Needless to say, the transforming effects of such sadhana are beyond words.

Regarding Shakti-Vahini Shodhan Kriya – The ideal count is of 64 rounds in one sitting however if that is not feasible you can split it in morning and evening (32 rounds both the times). With this count it will take one year for you to attain cleansing of energy channels.

The answers to other questions shall follow.

Blessings from Master..


– Ma Shakti Devpriya


7 thoughts on “Answers to queries of Tattva Shakti Vigyaan initiates – (तत्व शक्तिविज्ञान साधकों की शंकाओं के समाधान)”

  1. beloved ma,
    thanks for the reply,
    Today is no moon night,so ill start with a sankalpa from day after tomorrow of
    5100 japa for next 3 months( i have plenty of free time this semester :)). awaiting your reply for my other questions,

  2. beloved ma,
    i can surely feel a few changes .i am able to keep my obsessive nature in check ..still a long way i guess:)

  3. Pranam Ma,

    I did not get the 64 counts of shakti vahini. For me, one round of left and right with a kumbhaka in between itself takes 1 minutes. That will amount to 64 minutes of daily practice which is equivalent of 8*108 japam for me!

    Please clarify!


  4. Dear Niraj,

    It is difficult to take out this much time, and so Master has devised methods to compensate for the lack of time we face. You can just do 16 rounds of Nadi Shodhan. As we are working on our energies from various angles you will be benefited. Japa of Tattva beej mantras also help us in cleansing, plus we should also take care that we do not intake many toxins, so having sattvic food will also help.
    Love and Light
    Ma Shakti Devpriya

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