The real nature!

Once when Master AD was talking about the outer and inner nature, He said “It is not a coincidence that our basic personality is nature and the environment around us is also nature”

They both are referred to as nature. They both arise from the same building blocks. What makes the outer nature also forms the inner nature. When their is imbalance in outer nature it reflects within and when there is a inner imbalance, it is reflected in our environment. When I tried to delve a bit more deep in his words of wisdom, I could experience a truth unfolding in front of me. Opened the window and  found it was drizzling, and cool breeze swept over me. Air loaded with water has the power to open blocks and give new insights.

The mindless usage of environmental supplies has lead us into a imbalanced inner state, and in this state we are continuously  abusing the nature. It is a visicious circle. Both the imbalances reflect at both levels and continuously. Can a balanced sane person do this amount of destruction. It is certainly affecting us, making our inner nature, our personality confused, chaotic and directionless. The awareness towards the life nature carries within it, can help us profoundly in knowing our real self.

We do  not realize but we have lost our real sympathetic and compassionate nature. There are many who also do realize and transform their selves. Stop and think before you attack the nature, by throwing plastic bags, by letting the water waste, by not getting your vehicles pollution free, by using loud speakers, by using extra of everything and accumulating more then you can use…..This all comes back to us. Every moment, the imbalance we create in the environment starts to reflects subtly in that moment itself…

TSV says every Tattva is your Mitr, would harm your mitr (friend) in the same manner?


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