Six Lotus- Gates to receive Shakti


Journey towards consciousness
Journey towards consciousness

Our body is a temple and within it resides our soul. As everything is subject to change in this universe, so is our body. The body is like preparation ground for our soul. Our school of thought says when soul is reality then how can body not be real, in fact it is as real as soul. As the soul is true so is the body. It is this body that is the vehicle for the journey of soul. The soul is able to perform various actions, rituals and experience this outer world only when in this body. This body is the outlet of expression for the soul so if we do not have correct and complete knowledge of our body, many of our actions might not be bringing about desired results. Many of our experiences may not be correct especially many rituals (structured-actions during Sadhana) may not contribute in our journey as they should.

Master AD says “As we always keep temples clean from outside and inside, in the same way our body, which is the temple of the soul should be kept clean from both outside and inside. He further says ” Having daily bath and cleaning helps us keep clean from outside, but to cleanse within, you can start with small steps; refrain from unnecessary and worthless thoughts, books and pictures, keep good company and try to engage in positive talks and read spiritual books.”

Above subtle practices can help us start cleansing from within. Mind is the centre of consciousness in our body. There are many sub-centres too.  The mind is connected to all the sub-centres and this connection is possible through three main “Nadis” – Ida, Pingala and Sushmana. The energy connections in our whole body are steady with help of these Nadis. These three Nadis are known as “Shareer- Tritantri” (शरीर त्रितन्त्री)

Our body is like an inverted Sitar (a musical string instrument). Sitar has its resonator at the lower side while our body has it at the top. Our mind that is resonator of our body is placed at upper side. Pleasant music is produced by plucking the strings softly by a plectrum called mizraab, and sitar of our body can be played by impulsion of Life force energy (प्राण शक्ति). In the seven centres of our consciousness, there are 46 types of life-force-energies. These seven centres are:

1. Sahasraar (Crown Chakra) 2. Agnya (Third eye) 3. Vishuddhi (Throat) 4. Anaahat (heart) 5. Manipoora (Solar Plexus) 6. Swaadhisthaan (Navel/Sex centre) 7. Mooladhaar (base of Spine)

….. to be continued

Ma Shakti Devpriya

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