Dhari Devi – The Sacred force behind Kedarnath tragedy!

It has been nearly eleven years, when I, for the first time visited Dhari Devi Mandir in Srinagar, Uttarakhand. Our driver started to share stories about the temple. Many people had experienced the divinity of the place. The presence of Shakti was prevalent there. Dhari devi is one of the Shakti peeth and the deity is believed to be guardian deity of Uttarakhand. The journey towards Dhari Devi was completely intriguing filled with talks about various miracles of the goddess.

Dhari Devi
Dhari Devi

Our Driver told that people come from far away places to visit the shrine and get their wishes fulfilled. When the wishes are fulfilled they come again and tie a bell in the temple. It is a way to show gratitude to Ma who takes care of all her children. Unlike most of the shakti peethas here the mandir is situated in a valley and reaching there is quite easy as we have to just climb down, which needs not much effort. But coming back is a bit tough climb. The moment we reached there, Dhari devi became Ma for me and I could feel her holy presence all around. From that very day I had a special connection with Ma Dhari Devi.

The temple has been in news for a bit of time, regarding its relocation due to construction of a dam, which posed a danger to it. The temple could be submerged as a result. It is not just a matter of chance and the 800 year old temple certainly has a strong deep mystical basis of existing there, and the biggest mistake we could do was counting it as just another temple. The Shakti peeth means “Place charged up with energies of nature i:e Ma Shakti”

Kedarnath after disaster
Kedarnath after disaster

The 300 MW hydel project for which the Dhari Devi had been relocated is now in ruins. Is it the first time when Devi has shown her anger on being shifted from her original abode (moolsthaan). This has happened for the second time, before this in 1882 a local king, when tried to shift the idol, a devastating landslide hit Kedarnath. Kedarnath is the abode of Shiva and when his beloved Shakti faces danger, Shiva opens his third eye of destruction. The locals have reported that Devi had given many warnings and had clearly stated that if her idol is moved there will be a calamity. The result is obvious and for all of us to contemplate.

All those people who have experienced the presence of God in their life (or may be I should say all those who have accepted the presence of God in their life) can understand the relevance of the events those took place on 16 June 2013. Why did the cloud burst just after the relocation of the idol? Could we merely use the word “coincidence” and turn a blind eye towards it? Can we see such a big tragedy as an isolated event? Does believing in such incidences make us less scientific? Why are we trying to save history by protecting ruins of palaces, dargahs and tombs and turning a blind eye to something that is even older than history and by all means the foundation stone of the oldest religion on Earth.

As a Shaakt, I feel pained on just ignorant acts of people, especially when they, despite their limited capacity in all domain start behaving like controller of “Prakriti”. Every Tattva Shakti Vigyaan practitioner knows that Prikriti, the divine goddess dances only to please Sadashiva. Only blessed ones who understand this secret are able to look and be with this creation with sense of awe and reverence.

As I see, prikriti is clearly warning us… “O My Beloved Child! Better you don’t dare pinch my breasts.. I am your eternal mother and I can differentiate between your hunger and play.”


– Ma Shakti Devpriya

5 thoughts on “Dhari Devi – The Sacred force behind Kedarnath tragedy!”

  1. Hello there,
    This is really a wonderful post, and revealing the actual truth, how much ever the science negates.
    I liked the lines “As I see, prikriti is clearly warning us… “O My Beloved Child! Better you don’t dare pinch my breasts.. I am your eternal mother and I can differentiate between your hunger and play.” Really meaningful and deep

  2. It is indeed painful to experience such an event. May the divine shower grace on all and forgive us for our unthoughtful wrong deeds towards nature.

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