Contemplation on PanchTattvas- Tattva Dharana

Tattva Dharana Kriya

We all want to be happy, healthy and at peace. We want to grow and evolve. Most of our issues, frustrations, discomforts, dis-eases creep in our life because we feel we are not growing, progressing or evolving.  Is this true? And if this is true what are the reasons for this pathetic state of ours and how can we start progressing again. What is wrong with our way of living? Is there anything we can do about our problems?

Every living organism on this planet has arisen from this virtually dead-looking entities (Water, Earth, Fire, Sapce and Air). These are not dead entities of nature – it is the realm of panch-tattvas which is ever conspiring to create and refine ‘life’.  Scientists tell us that life started in single cells in these panchtattvas and then gradually passing through different stages it evolved to the level our humans. There has been constant evolution happening. Existence has not stopped working on evolution after creating humans. Nature is still working on us.. It is evolving. Constantly refining and fine-tuning our structures. It is dissolving all what is not required and also creating what is needed. And we are part of Nature only. We stand up in this body today which comes from this nature and then someday.. When this body would have served it tenure and purpose it will drop back to nature. There is no possibility of our being separated from this giant wheel of evolution. And evolution means we get better with each passing day… and if this does not happen we are definitely doing something wrong. If we are not growing in our lives we must be breaking the rhythm of this magical Tattvic-dance.

Tattvas form an integral part of the universe around us and within us. Tattvas have their presence not only as gross substances but also exist as subtle energy packets. Tattvas are present in each and every aspect of our life, much more then we realize. The formation of Universe is that amazing incident when all the Tattvas came into existence. Creation of every Tattva bought wonderful manifestations in the Universe,  that made the universe complete and beautiful.

We are also a part of this Universe. In fact, we are within the universe and the whole universe is within us. There is oneness prevailing. The Tattvas that are forming the universe outside nature are also supporting in forming and sustaining a life-force within us. We are naturally one with nature but our mind creates a separation from it. Our lifestyles, our thoughts and our ego breaks this link and our connection with tattvas is lost. All sorts of suffering, diseases, frustrations and stagnation start creeping in our lives because of this separation from Nature-The kingdom of Tattvas. Masters say to regain our natural pace of growth and evolution we must connect back to our source of life – the nature, the Tattvas. Because without our connections with elemental energies.. with nature.. we will be like an uprooted tree which is standing on ground but not getting any nourishment.

Tattva Dharana Kriya is a secret practice of Masters which is generously given out to masses by Acharya Agyaatdarshan Anand Nath for their benefit. This Kriya is an active contemplation on Tattvas (Elements) which modulates your mind to connect with Natural forces. It cleanses, purifies and stimulates your energies; dissolve your blocks responsible for your stress, stagnation and diseases. When you practice this Kriya, you enter into a different realm where you can start merging with the elements. The elements are ever helping and supporting entities. But we have not known the right way to connect to them and ask for their support. They have the power to diminish every form of problem in our life. Sometimes we just need to feel more loved, or wish we could say what we feel inside, or wish to have more will power, or just wish to gain some financial security in life. Whatever is our wish and desire, whether it belongs to materialistic plane, mental or spiritual; Tattvas are the right entities to call upon and ask for support. Tattva Dharana Kriya allows you to connect to the elements in their purest forms. The Tattvas that have just formed in the Universe, come to you to connect with you. This Kriya brings about healing, reduces stress, accelerates your growth, improves your relationships, gives a feeling of security and confidence, increased your immunity and aligns your energies for spiritual progress.

When Acharya ji and I received Tattva Dharana Kriya from our Guru we realized immediately how miraculous this process is. Acharya ji immediately requested permission of Guruji to make this Kriya available to one and all. Tattva Dharna Kriya is essential process of ‘Tattva Shakti Vigyaan’ and it is given out to every participant who gets initiation. Thousands of Spiritual Seekers of Tantra Tradition have been practicing Tattva Dharna Kriya since many centuries and that is what gives them power to rise higher. This secret Tantric technique frees the practitioner from all negative bondages bringing lightness and stillness within. Just once a week practice of Tattva Dharana Kriya brings tremendous changes in your thought process, aura and life style.

We wish to help you. Masters want you to be free of misery and pain. If you want to learn Tattva Dharna Kriya and benefit from it like thousands of other members of Sacred Association, you can join Tattva Shakti Vigyaan – Level I camp of Delhi on 29th December (India Habitat Centre, 09:30 AM to 5:30 PM).

In case you are not able to make it to workshop please write to us at  our team shall work to make it possible for you.


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