Unveiling mysteries of Maya

Taming the wild mind!
Taming the wild mind!

The world that we see and perceive is a beautifully woven web of our own mind. We have rather many times heard “Maya”  the cosmic veil that covers everything and makes us see a completely different truth from what really is there.

Maya is such a contradiction for many actually most of us, When we have not known beyond, how can be accept that what we are seeing right now is not true or real. People many times argue ” My world is real and what I am living is a reality” No doubt it is!! ? To accept that this false, we need to experience the beyond. And everyone who says “The world is not real” without experiencing the beyond is living the half truth and convincing the not so convinced mind. After all this all is made up by the mind!!

To see beyond is a journey towards the Pure consciousness, in which somewhere you meet Maya. The whole journey can be made utterly difficult and uninteresting if you have not acknowledged Maya in your journey. Maya works through our mind. As our mind works with the veil of Maya over it the reality of a situation and what we experience is completely different.

Let’s understand what does it actually mean to go “Beyond Mind” Right now you are experiencing world in a form which is controlled by our mind perceptions. Your day to day experiences have a particular flavor. You may find things stressful, frustrating, too hectic, monotonous, repetitive,  with spices of laughter, joys and few smiles. These are all manifestations of mind.

When we start connecting to the divine through our Sadhana and start to operate on a level different and beyond that of the mind, we experience something that is not what we have perceived and experienced for so long. You may feel anger today, if you feel someone is not understanding you or disrespecting you. It hurts your ego centre. Ego is like a shell created by mind. Sadhana is the only way by which ego shell can be dissolved. Once the shell is dissolved you understand the perception of the other person, instead of anger in your mind may arise love and compassion. This is the new world that you enter in to. What you see is real, but what you perceive tells a lot about your journey…

This is just one form of Maya, but remember breaking this is the most difficult one…


3 thoughts on “Unveiling mysteries of Maya”

  1. Mind is manifesting joys and sorrows, it is so difficult to fight with this veil of Maya…Which is keeping us tangled in this world

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