Live ‘Addiction free’ with TSV

|| Take responsibility of your life , Today||
|| Take responsibility of your life , Today||

“I could not spend a single day without my evening share of drinks, and now I do not wish to even see it. This all happened in just 40 days! I feel so energetic and peaceful that just do not want to indulge in any form of intoxication.”  reports a TSV Practitioner

Any sort of addiction changes the healthy energy patterns of our energy body to odd and defective patterns. The kick or altered state of consciousness a person feels after consumption of any toxic substance is felt because new abnormal ‘Energy Current Loops’ get created in the ‘Pranamaya Kosha’.  These loops are not created through intention rather chemicals and with few repetitions these energy pattern almost get permanently itched. And as they start fading (the newly formed loops of energy in your body) person feels uneasy until the circuit is re-energized. The addictive substance helps in completing the newly created oddly formed energy circuit. This energy in these circuits moves in opposite direction causing various issues in our physical and energy body. In fact these are sort of short-circuits within energy body. Since the changes in the Energy body take time in manifesting in the physical body hence negative effects of ‘toxic agents’ are not visible in the physical body in the early stages.

Modern de-Addiction methodologies are based on the principle of ‘sankalpa’ and creating new, positive habits through  ‘rehabilitation schedules’ which include regular exercises, mind training and motivation associated with mental relaxation. De-addiction therapists don’t focus on energy-body but physical body and mind. TSV sees it differently. It says when these energy patterns are bought to normal, craving stops and thus addiction loses its clutches automatically. Sadhana works in creating newer more powerful energy patterns in you.  So for most of the TSV practitioners this comes as a surprise. Before you even know, you have freed yourself from this dreaded monster.

Tattva Shakti Vigyaan sadhana works on cleansing and balancing the elemental energy. If we summarize it in one line it would be; Balanced Energies = Balanced Mind = Balanced Emotions = Balanced Personality. Basically TSV changes the strengthen the patterns of these Elemental energies so the changes are natural because it the energies which decide a person’s habits, his/her behavior patterns and even choices. Further if you are weak in your Energies you are vulnerable to outside-body changes – such people are prone to addictions. TSV Level – I practices work on your energies; making it purer, more positive and strong. It also re-creates, restores healthy channels.

A common question people ask before getting initiated to TSV Level-I,  “Do I need to quit smoking and alcohol?” And quite surprisingly the direct reply they get is “NO”. They are truly relieved on listening to this and we smile.

We say, why load your  weak shoulders with some more burden. You are weak and meek (energy-wise) now and we don’t want you to make a promise which you can’t keep. Sadhaka or Sadhika will eventually become strong. we know, when (s)he can take a firm resolve. Although it is the need of every Sadhaka to keep your body free from any form of toxic indulgences but still we never ask our TSV practitioners from refraining until they are strong enough for it.

TSV transforms – it does not attempts at superficial, cosmetic behavioural or even intellectual modifications in your psyche. Instead it makes you stronger, responsible and wise. It leads you the bliss within.


– Ma Shakti Devpriya Anand Nath


5 thoughts on “Live ‘Addiction free’ with TSV”

  1. I am really very happy that now I am free from any addiction which are from 12 years, Insomnia also washed out & feels relaxed.

    Bow down to Guru Maa & Acharya JI.

    TSV is great science!!

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