One Pill for All – Does not work for in Spiritual path!

Every person is a unique bundle of energies!
Every person is a unique bundle of energies!

Tattva Shakti Vigyaan sees a individual in its entirety. Although the basic elements are same for each and every person but we see all around different energies and different personalities.

Different sciences see people in different perspective. A Psychologist may observe people based on their behavioural patterns like introversion, extroversion and ambiversion. A Ayurvedacharya sees a different personalities in form of different Dosha’s like “a pitta person” or “a vata person” or “a Kapha person.” A Yogi may see people as Sattvic, Tamasic and Rajasic. According to Tantric philosophy people are seen as dominated by “Pashu bhav”, “Vir Bhav” and “Divya Bhav”

It clearly shows how many different types of people, personalities and emotions exist. Every person has a different mindset and capabilities. Although the differences exist yet a common goal also exists. A common goal towards which the whole humanity, knowingly or unknowingly is travelling. People who start their journey knowingly take up a commonly and a well known practice. Just after few days of practice they realize that it is not helping them grow and transform, something they had expected. Every person is going through all together different experiences and emotions how do we expect that a one single practice work in the same way for all.

TSV views these basic differences as important aspect while choosing your path towards the higher goal. The five basic elements that makeup the whole universe are also within us. The five Tattvas Earth (Prithvi), Water (Jal), Fire (Agni), Air (Vayu) and Space (Akasha) are the core constituents of every individual. Slight differences in the potency and quality of these elemental energiescreate millions of personalities. The Tattvas are also part of the Gunas, Doshas and Bhavs. As the Gunas, the vata is the combination of space and air element, Pitta is the combination of fire and water element, Kapha is the combination of water and earth element. In the same way, Tamas is combination of water and earth element, Rajas is combination of Fire and air element and Sattva is space element. The various Bhavs also have combinations of elements. The entwined elements within us play so many roles at different planes. Tattva Shakti Vigyaan recognizes this uniqueness in every individual developed due to various combinations of Tattvas within them.

TSV so gives a unique practice to every person to move forward on this path of spirituality. Every person has the ability to grow spiritually and it is the right of every person to ascend in this journey. When we met Pulkit for the first time, he too was practicing a common kriya practiced by thousands for the spiritual ascension. Doing the kriya faithfully for three long years he was frustrated having the same vicious circles of depression and lack of joy in life. Thinking of trying something new was a major decision for him. He entered with skepticism but when he understood the play of elements within him and how they were affecting him, he felt he had found the path he was searching for. He had reached where he belonged to. He was given a personal practice based on the study of his Tattvas.  After just six months of his practice, he is more composed, calm and blissful then ever. He says “I have no words to explain how peaceful I feel from within”

The presence of Guru is an important aspect of a spiritual path. Guru sould be accessible to disciples for handholding during sadhana. So the Masters are always present for the TSV practitioners guiding them through the path.



5 thoughts on “One Pill for All – Does not work for in Spiritual path!”

  1. The personal mantra given by Ma, has done wonders for me. I feel so much connected and balanced now. Thank you soo soo much.

    1. Dear Sumit,
      There are various methods to know the dominant element. You can join our Tattva Shakti Vigyaan level one course, in which we understand the dominant element in you and you will also be given methods to cleanse and balance your elements. Your personality and behaviour gives an idea of your elements!

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