Tantra- A scientific approach towards life


Yantra- Visual tools in Tantra.
Yantra- Visual tools in Tantra.

Science is the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment. Tantra is also an systematic approach of understanding inner and outer psyche both. It is also an holistic approach which approaches to the study of universe from the point of view of an individual. Various branches of sciences are drawn within it like astronomy, astrology, physics, chemistry, Ayurveda, Psychology, geometry and mathematics providing practical means of realizing highest ideals of philosophy in daily life.


Such sciences play a role in Tantra at various levels like Ayurveda is closely linked to Tantra and Ayurveda makes use of preparations made of alchemical forms of mercury, mica and other minerals. Such preparations are also an part of Tantra in which Ayurvedic preparations are used for mental and physical health.

The timings of the practices done in Tantra have special importance. So the rules of Hindu Astrology are drawn into consideration. Various rituals and practices done balance the planetary effects is considered quite a much part of Tantra.

Like Science in which we have defined theories and methods, Tantra is also a system of defined techniques. Science is not based on opinions or beliefs, it is the experience that matters. As in Tantra the practices are experiential, it is not the belief that generates results, but wisdom is a direct gain from practices. Tantra practices grows from gross to subtle giving us experience of each level of existence thereby transcending it.

The energy concepts of Tantra are now being recognized by many modern scientists. A strong similarity is being discovered between the scientific and tantric concepts of energy. The alchemical traditions found in China, Middle East and Europe have been linked to Tantra. In last century many scientists have described parallels between quantum physics and mystical view of reality described in ancient texts of Tantra.

Tantra also means “Technique” and it suggests that if the path is followed in a certain and defined manner the result is to be seen. Tantra is the most ancient experiential science, which takes us towards evolutionary existence, recognizing the complete human potentials. It is spiritual path that flourishes on every level of existence. The very scientific approach in Tantra gives it authenticity.


6 thoughts on “Tantra- A scientific approach towards life”

  1. Yes I too have read that Tantra has a scientific approach towards spirituality. Why has Tantra linked to all wrong practices and has so many controversies surrounding it?

    1. Dear Sumit,

      Tantra is a complex tradition, and what is understood about Tantra in West and even by many in India is just a part of this vast system of knowledge. It is associated with exotic, dramatic and even dangerous spiritual practices. As these practices certainly form a part of it but it is not able to catch the real essence of Tantra. The reason that these practices have formed the definition of Tantra is simple because they are exotic, dramatic and promising. After all we all are looking forward to something like this.
      Love and Light

  2. Very nice to read your blog. I too wish to get initiated in Tattva Shakti Vigyaan, but live in Australia. Is distant initiation done?

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