Find your calm by connecting to the Water Element!

Connect to Jal Tattva
Connect to Jal Tattva

Connecting to “Jal Tattva” opens the pathways to connect to your loving and joyous being. The experiences are  astonishing when Water starts freely flowing in your life.  Water element has a special and a important place in our life. The element that makes a human more human. So the time to awaken the element is when you miss the important human element in you that is being emotional, sensitive and compassionate.

We still have a big group of people around who miss this connection with self and with others. It is not only for people living isolated lives but do you feel unable to communicate your feelings of love and compassion to your loved ones. Then the time is to bring the element in. Even when you feel life has become a routine, sex has become a part of weekly schedule, bring in the element to add aroma to your life. The element awakens creative ideas to spice up your life. Yes spice is a fiery word but without water it will become really dry. To savor the most spicy food you need liquids with it or else after a time everything becomes dry and boring.

Water element is the one that fills up the gaps and gives a sense of completeness to life. Water can make your journey more smooth and joy filled if properly balanced

Just as I always say “Awareness is the key.” There are many instances when you work with the element during your normal days routine. But now is the time to connect to it.

While bathing take some extra time to connect to the element. Place your hands under the tap and fill it with water close your eyes and say

“The divine water element, come to me and fill me with love, purity and compassion.

come to me to make me feel complete,

come to me and fill up all the gaps and banish all the lacks,

Come to me and fill me with love, purity and compassion”

Do this exercise for few days and you will feel a outstanding difference in your life. You may often find water element coming to you to bless you. Just feel open to it. Do not resist the rains or occasional splash of water on your face. This is a powerful techniques which gives freshness and joy to the whole day.

Tattva Shakti Vigyaan gives you many more tools to cleanse and balance the tattvas, and keys to connect to them at subtler and magical levels

Try and share your experiences with me!



4 thoughts on “Find your calm by connecting to the Water Element!”

  1. I was feeling very angry over few situations in my life so thought of trying this, it works like magic!!!!! wow what a change i feel within me…thank you so so very much for the wonderful way to become calm and peaceful

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