Healing with earth

The Earth element
Earth element: Powerhouse of Prana Shakti

Sometime or other everyone must have experienced the soothing and rejuvenating properties of earth element (Prithvi Tattva) during having a stroll in a garden or just sitting on the fresh green grass. Nature is filled with Prana Shakti, the life giving energy. We are continuously taking those energies from the nature, although not so consciously. But we all know this for sure that we just love it when we are in contact with nature. And always try to go to a some hill station or beach to rejuvenate ourselves. Right?

Earth is our compassionate patient mother.

A mother is always forgiving and caring towards her children. Earth the supporting mother for the whole human kind although facing so much abuse from her children does not stop loving them, continuously providing them with all that they need for a healthy living. Every time as I walk on the soft grass, I be completely aware that I am walking on my mother and she is lovingly supporting me. This awareness fills my being with joy and stability. How beautiful and joyous it is to know the Mother tree huggingEarth, as she starts a conversation. Asking me to be filled with compassion and forgiving towards each and every being. I many times ask people in my workshops what comes to their mind when I say Earth. Seldom I get to listen Mother! It is just because we have trained to see the elements as just supporters not as living entities, which actually they are. Even though man heaps mountains of waste and pollution on Mother Earth, she gives valuable minerals and food without which man could not survive. We learn that for all the abuse, criticism and negativity we receive from world, we should give benefit of our spiritual essence and loving forgiveness

Mother Earth is waiting patiently for her children to get aware of her presence and have a conversation with them.

Hug a tree!

Have you ever hugged a tree. If no, then you have missed something magical in your life. Just let go all your apprehensions and go to a nice big tree, show your gratitude towards it for providing oxygen so that you live and fruits so that you live healthily. It is such a marvelous experience. In fact, hugging a tree is scientifically proven to improve health.

How to hug a tree:

Its always good to ask for a permission from the tree. You can ask out loud if you don’t care what others will think or just in your head. Just ask “Can I hug you?” If you feel good after asking and not creepy, just go ahead.

Wrap your hands around the tree as far as you can. Close your eyes and just feel the tree. Feel the warmth, the energy moving from the tree into you. Feel the roughness of the bark. breath deeply and be completely in a moment. Just 5 minutes and you are going to feel awesome after that

Meditating with Earth

Our habits do not let us make strong connections with Earth element. Although we can feel this strong connection and start a conversation with it easily.

Stand bare feet and firmly on green grass or moist soil. Take few deep breaths and relax completely. Now feel the flow of energy moving up from your right leg. The stable earthly energies are entering inside you through your right feet and rises up.

Place your feet firmly on ground
Place your feet firmly on ground

The energies move thorough your chakras, till your throat chakra and reaches your third eye. The energy now starts moving down and reaches throat chakra then to your heart chakra, solar plexus, sacral chakra and root chakra. The energy now enters your right leg and flowing along the right leg, the energy enters back into the earth through your right feet. The energy brings stable and peaceful energies into you and takes away your indecisiveness and fickle thoughts. This is a very simple but a wonderful exercise. You will be filled with lot of positive energy after this exercise and feel complete in all levels. The energy fills up all the energy gaps in your energy body, healing it completely. It would be great if you can do this exercise once a week.


4 thoughts on “Healing with earth”

  1. I am an great lover of nature and work continuously to spread awareness about nature conservation. Felt so nice to read this article. Wish to meet you in person.

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