Life- A divine Plan or Result of our Karma


A paradox that haunts almost everyone who tries to understand and assimilate the two important laws of spirituality.

1. Everything is the result of our Karma

2. Everything in our life is predestined

The immediate question that comes in mind of the seeker is “If our life is predestined then what is the role of our Karma and is Karma in our control?”

Before understanding the paradox lets try to know. What is Karma?

The word Karma comes from a Sanskrit word “Kri” that means “to do” All actions are Karma and even the results of our past actions are our Karmas. So what ever we did, are doing and will do will be our Karmas. If I eat a sweet, the act of eating a sweet is my Karma and the result of enjoying the sweet taste is the result of my Karma or we can also say enjoying the sweet taste is my Karma. So there are two Karmas here one is the act and second is enjoyment the arouse from the act.

Lets take an another example. If I eat something bitter like chilli, and after my act of eating the chilli, I will feel displeased by the feeling it gives me. I will not be happy after eating it. So again I form two sets of Karma, one is eating the chilli and other is feeling of displeasure.

I am predestined to experience sweet taste by eating a sweet and I am also destined to experience displeasure after eating something bitter.

So in all cases, only the act is not the Karma but the feelings and emotions attached to the act are also our Karma. We are all doing Karma all the time. I am typing is Karma, you are reading is Karma. Our breathing, walking and talking is all Karma. And all Karma leaves a mark on us.

Here we are able to understand a relation between Karma and destiny. The life we are experiencing right now, is culmination of all our past Karmas. We are continuously doing Karma and continuously making our destiny. Our future is destined as it depends on the Karma we are doing in the present. So our destiny and Karma are connected. We cannot exist without Karma. So even if our life has a set destiny and design we cannot exist without Karma.

In Bhagvat Gita Bhagwan Shri Krishna says

” No one is ever free from action. Every moment of their lives, people are forced to act whether they like it or not. This is because influence of Gunas.

Further Bhagwan Shri Krishna says “It is better to do your duty than to remain without doing anything. Action is important because we cannot even maintain our body without it.”


So we get a hint that the best Karma what we can do is to do our duty that is Follow our Dharma. We should do Karma as our Dharma.

One more point that we understand is that Karma is done with motive. A person always works with some motive. There can be no work without motive. Here a bigger question should be asked to self “What is the motive of my life?” According to ancient scriptures, rishis and munis, the motive of our life is to attain Moksha. Moksha means to become completely desireless while being in the physical form or we may even say Moksha is to get free from the cycle of birth and death

To understand this in  Bhagvat Gita Bhagwan Shri Krishna says

“Devote yourself to Yoga, the essence of work. Acting this way one gets rid of good and bad karma that affects him if he attaches himself to the fruits of his actions.”

 Do your duty without any attachment to the fruits of your work, for only by acting without attachment, you will be able to realize God.”

To realize God is to gain enlightenment, is to achieve Moksha.

Life is unfolding every second with new challenges, mysteries and puzzles. Keep doing your Karma, surrendering completely to the Divine. When we surrender the Karma and fruit of Karma both to the divine, we cannot attach to the Karma. Knowing that every action and its result is HIS desire is the perfect way to gain insight into this great paradox.



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