What do Panchtattvas tell us?


We have been and are still being constantly blessed by the universe in many different and special ways. To have a comfortable journey on the earthly plane, the universe has blessed us with Panchtattvas (Five Elements). The infinitude of the Panchtattvas lost as we started to see them as commodities instead of blessings. To think that the tattvas are here only for our convenience is the biggest mistake we do and tend to do. The more we connect and associate with the Tattvas, we are introduced to their divinity. There are so many different roles played by the tattvas that it becomes a matter of awe as nothing remains untouched by them.

On the physical plane we are continuously getting in touch with the Panchtattvas. Our daily regimes include use of gross forms of Water, Earth, and Fire, and Air is continuously used by our body naturally. Now even if we understand the gross aspects of Tattvas. There is lot for us to learn from.

Prithvi Tattva or Earth has an amazing quality of taking in waste, decomposing it and giving not only nutritious and healthy food but also adding beauty and grandeur to the nature. Time varies but ultimately everything is converted to something useful. A human is also continuously subjected to various negative and undesirable situations and circumstances. Prithvi Tattva teaches us that it may take time and even it may not be so desirable in the initial stages, but we must learn to flower. Learn to change situations from difficult to positive and fragrant. It is not so difficult, just a matter of learning that every situation is an opportunity for me to FLOWER!!

Have you ever observed a flowing river. I remember my childhood time, when I sat for hours in front of Ganga ji(The Ganges) just watching her flow. It was then for the first time, I questioned, where is Ganga ji going with so much hurry, overcoming all obstacles and as she moves, all the waste is moved to the banks, looks like she is preparing herself to meet someone really special. I got a simple answer “Sea”. But the actual thirst was quenched only when I realized every river is moving towards the sea to merge and become one. As the river merges with the sea, it loses its identity, but still it is continuously moving towards its ultimate destination with same enthusiasm and readiness as ever. As it is trying to tell us, keep preparing and moving towards your ultimate destination that is to merge with Pure Consciousness. If the goal is clear in mind and heart, the journey becomes blissful and is filled with enthusiasm. Most of us, actually never have a larger goal in life which makes us feel lost during our journey of life. Look out for your ultimate goal move towards it continuously is what Jal Tattva is asking us to do.

Akasha TattvaFilled with life giving Prana, nourishing each and every being on Earth but not attaching to anything, this is Vayu Tattva. It touches every life, nourishing and filling every being with life giving energy. Still it moves everywhere, being detached and filled with compassion.It is impartially spreading its life giving energies to all. Vayu Tattva is telling us to do our duties, touch every life with love and compassion but be detached and impartial. It is the way to live, it is actually the real way that helps us expand our circle of consciousness.

Agni Tattva has a quality that no other element possesses that is Gift of Transformation. It transforms everything that comes in contact with it. It is the energy that makes diamonds from coal, delicious dishes from raw vegetables, and it is the same energy that continuously functions in our body and makes us grow. Agni Tattva when comes in action change is inevitable. The new takes form only when the old burns away. We all possess this wonderful gift of transformation within us. Transform yourself to a light filled, joyful and shinning being. When there is a enough fire generated by your Sadhana, the diamond is born to shine.

Everything is within the Akasha Tattva and Akasha Tattva is within all. It is the tattva that accomodates everything, every single action and reaction is taking place within it. There is nothing ugly or beautiful, good or bad, it is just as it is and Akasha Tattva is supporting all. It is home to everything. It gives us the lesson to be accommodating and still being  aloof of all the drama going on.

The Panchtattvas are nowhere outside, we are the Panchtattvas. These all qualities are within us. It is the matter of connecting and associating with them. You have the power to awaken all these qualities, that are just waiting to be tapped. The infinitude of the Panchtattvas when discovered take life towards completeness and joy.

Tattva Shakti Vigyaan is the science of connecting to the tattvas in their gross and subtle forms. Sadhana gives you the power to live life in communion with Panchtattvas are tapping their energies at all levels.


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