Are you sending the right symbols to your mind?

prachya prateek vigyaan

Symbols have always been a important part of our surroundings and being. Our culture, religion and sanskars are ingrained in us with the symbols. Thousands of symbols are affecting us on daily basis. Symbols are flowing in our life constantly. When we are surrounded by all wrong and negative symbols our life is affected in a negative way. It is of utmost importance that we send the right symbols to our mind.

Many times I am asked why do we need to understand symbols? Well, If you wish to have a better life on the worldly plane, it is important that you know and understand the rules of having it. Symbols being the language of universe work on a deeper unconscious level and become a very important means of communication with our deeper self and the universe. We can know more about our past, present and future by knowing about the symbols that are surrounding us. Prachya Prateek Vigyaan helps you to understand the symbols that are deeper in your mind and how are you interpreting them. Only by going through this process you can actually understand which symbols should you send to your mind. Healing symbol

Our life very strongly depends on the major seven aspects that are security, sexuality, power, healing, communication, intuition and divine connection. When all the seven aspects of our life are taken care of and in a balanced state, we start living a life filled with harmony and happiness. As you read through the seven aspects you realize that you may have achieved some of them and some aspects are still which you have not yet started working on. When a person starts to find meaning and happiness in life, it is always related to harmonizing of any one aspect of the important seven aspects of life. A very common confusion that people generally have is that what aspect of their life do they need to work on in the given present moment. The deceiving nature of mind does not let us focus on the present and it keeps swaying from past to future and vice versa. Thus we end up in confusion not realizing the importance and need of the present moment. Prachya Prateek Vigyaan gives you the tools to focus on the present and introduces you to symbols that harmonize with what you are now. Sending the right symbol to your mind can change the perspective of your life forever.


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