A different point of view on Gurmehar Kaur

Protecting Democracy
Protecting Democracy

Just the other day when I was asked “Do you agree or disagree with Gurmehar Kaur” I felt it is not just about the opinion but about understanding the whole situation in a new light. Well here, let me share that I am in no ways related to Gurmehar Kaur, so really do not know the workings of her mind. and also that this is certainly not a platform for starting any political discussions.

Looking at the national debated started by a 20 year old, who her self must not be aware that it could get so far, may be was just saying what she felt in a democratic country. She shared about a event in her life, that took place when she was  6 years old. That seemed to be very reasonable, after all what would a mother tell to her daughter who is harboring feeling of hatred within. Would she say, just keep hating but do not take any action. In your heart you can keep all the hatred you want but just be mum, or would she  say it is wrong to hate, and that what exactly was done by Gurmehar Kaur’s mother. She just explained that there are wars and that are not good, but people can be different. Now my question is,  sitting at this side of the border, if you have hatred for the people across the border, what would you do, would you cross the border and take revenge. Obviously not, because that is not reasonable. Hatred is not a good sane condition to be in continuously. I have seen people really hating their neighbors, and just living with that hatred. But no one would take an action, neither negative nor positive. Just live with it. This is what is happening every where.

Now comes the question on what is Patriotism and all those who shouts at the top of their voices that “Patriotism means to hate the other country and condemn it” while patriotism literally means to vigorously support your own country. And in the whole scenario of Gurmehar Kaur, I could not find hatred for her own country, at least in what was shared publicly. When the youth decides not to be lead by or not to be controlled by a particular organization, should we raise a question on the youth or on the examples set by a particular organization. The youths of our country now, is exposed to unrestrained reality and facts coming from all over the world. They now have stronger opinions and are looking towards platforms where they can openly voice their opinions like facebook and other social media. So in this state it is just impossible to teach them what to think and what not to. Only examples can be set for today’s youth, Any organization that wishes to take control over the youth, is going to fail miserably. Only a handful of people can support such organizations who think that actions springing from hatred can bring some solutions, but the reality is and history is witness to it that actions springing from hatred can only bring in more hatred. The country would be more peaceful and beautiful, if people could really focus on loving their country as their home and people in it as their own instead of hating the strangers across the border. It is the time for us the change our focus and create strength, stability, power and supremacy for the country we live in.  There are many things that one can do if only we could change the focus. It is up to you to think about options.

यस्मिन् देशे न सम्मानं न प्रीतिर्न च वान्धवाः ।
न च विद्यागमः कश्चित् तं देशं परिवर्ज्जयेत् ॥

The country where people do not have respect or friends or love and where there are no scholars; one should leave that country.

Make the place where you live, worth living for all…


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