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As I have been born with a healing hand, Healing became a part of my life as it was my duty to give the fruits of the gift universe had bestowed on me.I don’t believe in only energy healing. I am a part of energy healing but healing means to work with the total being with totality

Swara Vigyaan LIVE workshop in New Jersey – by Ma Shakti Devpriya ji

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Ma Shakti Devpriya ji is an accomplished Tantrika in the krama system of SriVidya lineage. She is one of the most experienced teachers of Tantric subjects such as Sacred Symbology, Tattva Shakti, Marma Vigyaan, Art and science of Mandalas and Yantras etc.

Aout Swara Vigyaan or Swar Yog she says "Simply put it is magic. Unbelievable but still practical and a knowledge that is applicable in modern times". "But one should always keep it in mind that it is a science that may require a few lifetimes to perfect" She adds.


The Healing Salt

Salt has great healing properties.  I had made a practice of washing my hands with salt before I sit to heal myself or others.  Almost every healer be he from reiki, Pranic or any other school of healing will vouch for its effectiveness. They do it to rub off the negative energies from their hands. Salt used for healing practices is actually sea salt and not the table salt. The difference lies in the method of its formation. Sea salt is obtained by evaporating sea water. Table salt (Sodium Chloride) is refined from mined rock salt or refined from sea salt.

If you are tired after a long busy day. Take a tub of warm water and put at least two table spoons full of salt in it. Change into your night-dress so that you can sleep immediately after that. You will certainly have a rejuvenating sleep. dip your feet in the water. Close your eyes and take few deep breaths. Now imagine all your tiredness going into the water. It will not be so tough, as the salt in the water is already sucking the negative energies. Feel all the tiredness go in the water as black or grey smoke. When you feel cleansed, imagine white light entering your crown chakra. Fill every part, organ and cell with the white light. Remove your feet gently, dab them dry and apply some cream to it. Don’t forget to throw the water, before you sleep. Don’t let it stand for the whole night.

The five elements earth, air, fire, water and space have a  delicate balance in your body. Tattva Shakti Vigyan helps you to understand this balance and importance of every element. There are many methods to connect and balance the elements among which mudras and beej mantras are the most potent. This technique also helps in connecting to the earth and water element. As the low vibrations are released you feel emotionally stable and free from continuous thoughts. As the earth element is supporting water element here so the balancing of water element happens in a positive way. If you wish to add some fire element during the process you can light a candle while you are relaxing your feet in the water. Any method works when you get aware of the energy changes going around.

I find it very effective when I close my eyes and completely deepen the experience my mentally connecting to the element separately. All the Initiated TSV Practitioners can make this whole process elevating and special by using beej mantras for the elements. Tattva Shakti Vigyaan initiates should note that such passive methods are no substitute for their original practices.. however they can benefit by augmenting through this.

To start the journey, the first step is to balance the elements. You can always start it by trying small tips I will be posting on this blog. When the elements are balanced you feel lighter physically and mentally both and thus ready for a spiritual plunge.

Everything is magic!!

The whole universe, the Brahamand is a magic of divine. The most wonderful and amazing magic of the divine is the blend of five elements that is the human. Elemental magic is natural, because we our self are a part of that magic. Naturally there is some magic within us. The energies that are flowing in us are also flowing in all the elements that mystically form the universe. We are forming a connection with the whole universe, every moment when our inner elements and universal raw elements blend in some way or other.

While cooking food, as I touch the cold water gushing through the vegetables I wash, it makes me realize the presence of purity of water elements. The vegetables make me realize the strength of earth element. As I put the vegetables to boil, I realize the passion of fire element and as the steam arises it makes me realize the free spirit of air element. The magic of elements was right there in my kitchen, so I just asked the elements to come together and help me create divinity even in the food I prepare.

Just the moment you get aware, you will find the elements dancing every where ready to bathe you in their raw vibrations. You have the power to connect to the elements and convert the raw energies into manifesting energies. Tattva Shakti Vigyaan, makes you sensitive to the elemental energies and realize their power, magic and support in daily activities.

Faith or Fear

Who win, Faith or fear? The one that is stronger.

A old man says to his little grandson that there are two types of wolfs within us. One is good and other is bad. They are constantly fighting. To which his grandson innocently asks him “Which one wins?”

“The one you feed” replies the old man.

Same applies here. Both the factors are within us, fear and faith. It entirely depends on us, that we allow which factor to design our life. Which factor dominates our life, Faith or fear. We don’t live entirely on faith or entirely on fear. There are times when our faith is stronger than are fears and there are also some times when fear is stronger than our faith. It is difficult to remove fear completely and live entirely on faith. It is difficult but not impossible. It is difficult because we are continuously exposed to an environment that carries negative energies with it, continuous occurrence of situations where our faith is tested. And those are the testing times when we loose faith and fear starts to design our life. But still faith cannot go out from our life completely nor can fear. In one whole day we have thousands of odd thoughts processing in our mind. Many of them have the fear as a main ingredient. The mind is always busy preparing it self for odd situations.

“If I don’t get a job, what will I do”

“What will happen if I am fired?”

“What will happen, if I don’t get tickets”

These are just few examples, to which you may be able to relate or not. I am sure you must be having your set of fears. The first rule for perfect manifestation is to wash out fear and let the faith take over the charge. It may be difficult to be completely in that state. So if you are the one, who has many fear related thoughts. Than the first step is to get aware of your thoughts. The moment you catch a negative thought, replace it with a stronger convincing thought filled with faith on self and most importantly the divine. The exercise seems to difficult in the beginning, as we are generally not aware about our thoughts. Keep pracising it.

The second step to strengthen your faith, is to sit everyday in silence. Remember all the worries and concerns and fill them with faith. Say it to yourself “I have complete faith on the divine, Nothing wrong can happen to me ”

Life when lived with faith, will become beautiful and faithful:)