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Wishing You All – A Very Happy New Year 2019!


Swara Vigyaan LIVE workshop in New Jersey – by Ma Shakti Devpriya ji

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Ma Shakti Devpriya ji is an accomplished Tantrika in the krama system of SriVidya lineage. She is one of the most experienced teachers of Tantric subjects such as Sacred Symbology, Tattva Shakti, Marma Vigyaan, Art and science of Mandalas and Yantras etc.

Aout Swara Vigyaan or Swar Yog she says "Simply put it is magic. Unbelievable but still practical and a knowledge that is applicable in modern times". "But one should always keep it in mind that it is a science that may require a few lifetimes to perfect" She adds.

Panch-Mahabhuta Shakti Kriya – New Jersey, USA

Recently Divine Path Yoga in association with Sacred Association organized a  Panch-Mahabhuta Shakti Kriya LIVE programme for the benefit of seekers, learners, tantra enthusiasts and Tattva Shakti Vigyaan practitioners in New Jersey, USA. The workshop concluded on 7th of November 2017.

The participants thoroughly enjoyed learning under the guidance of Gurumandala represented by our beloved master Acharya Shri Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath ji. Every participant was endowed with the blissful state of Kriya that ensued much after the practice session. Here’s a group photograph taken on just after the concluding session of this programme.

        || Blissful participants after LIVE Session of Panch-Mahabhuta Shakti Kriya workshop ||

The Divine Path Yoga founders and representative of Gurumandala in USA, Ms. Shuchi & Alpana coordinated and assisted in organizing and delivery of this whole programme. May the blessings of our Gurumandala and grace of Ma Shakti be upon every participant of Panch-Mahabhuta Shakti Kriya and its organizers.


Panch-Mahabhuta Shakti Kriya – Mumbai

Revered Tantric Masters and propagator of Tattva Shakti Vigyaan, Acharya Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath and Ma Shakti offer the secret Panch Mahabhuta Shakti Kriya that belongs to ancient Tantric lineage and is one of its kind. Acharya ji shares that this is the only one Kriya that despite being extremely powerful can be given to everyone and through the regular practice of Panch Mahabhoot Shakti Kriya every person can gain the immense benefits. He says “Panch Mahabhuta Shakti Kriya takes the practitioner to a deep meditative state where healing and rejuvenation is accelerated five times as compared to what happens in deep dreamless sleep.”


Our whole being resonates with the rhythm of the universe. This unique amazing rhythm of the universe is created by the play of five elements also known as Panch Mahabhuta. The Five Great elements are not only supporting us on the gross level, but they are the foundation and basis of who and what we are. Our every thought and action arises from the play of these five elements and further affects them too. Working with the five elements simply means tending to the roots. Panch Mahabhuta Shakti Kriya is an ancient Tantric Kriya that purifies and balances the five elements.

The Five Great elements are Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. The Chakras in our body are the abode of the five elements. The Earth element (Prithvi) resides in Root Chakra (Muladhara). The Water element (Jal) resides in Sacral Chakra (Swadhisthana). The Fire element (Agni) resides in Solar Plexus (Manipura Chakra). The Air Element (Vayu) resides in Heart Chakra (Anahat) and Space element (Akasha) resides in Throat Chakra (Vishudh).


Health of the chakras determine our physical, mental and spiritual well being. Although the Chakras are a part of our energy body, but they are also connected to the various endocrine glands in the body. The endocrine glands release hormones directly into the blood influencing and controlling various aspects of growth, development and daily activities. When we start to work on the five elements with Panch Mahabhoot Shakti Kriya, the chakras are also cleansed and balanced. In turn they affect the related endocrine glands leading to better well being of the physical body. The physical body feels light and is completely de-stressed after practicing the Kriya.



Almost all physical and mental disturbances are caused due to blocks in our energy bg-healthsystem. Our energy system is made up of Chakras and Nadis. If you feel sad, angry, irritated and depressed most of the times, it is because of blocked energy channels leading to sluggish chakras. The breathing techniques done during Panch Mahabhoot Shakti kriya cleanse the nadi system and free you from negative emotions like anger, worry, anxiety and depression. Practicing the Kriya just once makes you feel happy and relaxed. Having a perfect emotional well being leads to more creative and prolific life.



If you have been meditating for a long time or have just started to meditate, you must have certainly confronted the biggest hurdle that is of achieving a thoughtless state of mind. Every person who has practiced Panch Mahabhoot Shakti Kriya, have said to achieve that state. In exact words of a practitioner after practicing Kriya just once First time in life I have felt so calm and focussed both at the same time while doing a practice. Although it was just for a few moments, but I know now what I am capable of Achieving a state of thoughtlessness is dream of every meditator and by practicing Panch Mahabhoot Kriya you can surely achieve it.



Revered Tantrika and Tattva Shakti Vigyaan propagator Ma Shakti says If you really want to change things in your life do something about it. Through Panch Mahabhuta Shakti Kriya it is so possible only by giving few minutes daily to yourself. This Tantric Kriya starts re-wiring your life-energies by harnessing the power of Five great Elements. The positive impact of this restructuring becomes visible in all life situations, health, relationships in less than 3 months itself. Pancha Mahabhuta Shakti kriya** opens the further growth avenues for spiritual growth.


By giving just few minutes to Panch Mahabhoot Kriya daily you change your life forever. The effects are incredible and benefits are immense.

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Regular Satsang begins in Mumbai!


Since long dedicated Tattva Shakti Vigyaan practitioners of Mumbai region always wanted to interact with Masters face to face for receiving their guidance and blessings. Active members like Prachi, Niraj, Satish, Nina and Bheeshma took initiative in making it possible and finally it is here and the first such live interaction has been scheduled for Sunday, 25th of September 2016.

Since these discourses are open to all and do not require the one to be initiated it is requested to all who see this announcement that they spread the word among fellow practitioners and other uninitiated people.

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Prachya Prateek Vigyaan – The Sacred Symbology


“Symbols are the key to learning, knowledge and intuition. The knowing is a complex interactive process of ‘Symbols or forms, Sensations and intellect’ finally precipitating in our minds as ‘Knowledge’.”

 – Ma Shakti Devpriya Anand Nath

Symbols are the language of Soul!

The mysterious language of symbols rules the world. We are surrounded by millions of symbols some known some yet unknown. Each day we come across many symbols and signs that trigger various emotions within us. The domain of symbols is not limited to knowing and feelings rather they are the constituent packets, the specific energy vibrations participating in the process of creation of this world. In fact the whole universe can be depicted entirely on symbols.

Specific Forms or shapes which are impregnated with multi-dimensional, multi-realm connections are called symbols. There are very basic symbols and there are very complicated ones. Right from a simple smiley 🙂 to an extremely complex construct like Shri-Chakra – a symbolic key to the universal creative principle operating in the domain of time and space.

Introducing you to the Science of Symbology

Prachya Prateek Vigyaan – The Science of Sacred Symbology is a 1 day programme for you to understand the mystical language in which the universe communicates with us. It helps you understand how you are being affected by symbols continuously. You shall be given practical applications of symbols and methods to harness the universal creative energy for specific purposes. In this one day power packed workshop you will learn:

1. Introduction to Prachya Prateek Vigyaan
2. Get introduced to the subtle symbolic energies of the universe
3. The basic symbols that form complex symbols
4. How complex symbols can be made and used
5. Introduction to Mandalas
6. How to form Specific Mandalas
7. How can Zendalas help you in relaxing and understanding your inner self
8. How do colors play an important role in symbols and Mandalas
9. The correct method of making the symbols and making them work
10. Symbols of Healing, Prosperity, Health and Love
11. Do’s and Don’t in using various Symbols
12. Introduction to Yogic Practices to improve the receptivity of Symbols

This One day programme is taken by Ma Shakti Devpriya Anand Nath, who is in her own right an established tantrika in the Kaula lineage of ShriVidya tradition. Practicing and preaching Tantra to masses through the Initiation Camps of ‘Tattva Shakti Vigyaan’ from over a decade along with her beloved consort Acharya Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath.

Come! Explore the mystical world of Symbols..

Ma Shakti and Acharya ji continue to guide spiritual aspirants throughout the country and abroad. There are various online programmes also going on for USA and Cananda.

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Ma Shakti Devpriya Anand Nath
“Symbols have the power to communicate with our subconscious mind directly. They are the essence of Tantra in a way. By using the secret powers of symbols one can transform oneself completely.  
 – Ma Shakti Devpriya Anand Nath