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Health of your Chakras- Forgiveness and Compassion

Let your chakras be healed!!
Let your chakras be healed!!

“How can my Chakras be healed?”

A question frequently asked by practitioners. So much has been written and known about the chakras that as soon as a person enters into Sadhana, thinks of healing, activating and cleansing of chakras. There are lot many practices surrounding the same, various meditations, various breathing techniques and various color therapies. I do not say  this all do not work, certainly they do. But I cannot help thinking did Gautam Buddha, Mahavira, Swami Rama, Ramana Maharishi and many more who had experienced enlightenment and Kundalini Jangran, had gone through these processes.

Well, even I am not sure of the reality. But there something very basic which we may be missing. And that is just so simple yet so tough that we tend to ignore the biggest facts of Chakra healing.

While looking at the teachings and life’s of all the Great Masters, I find my answer. The two attributes of which I am sure all the spiritual awakened Masters attained was of Forgiveness and Compassion.

The two qualities that start removing the blocks and cleansing the whole system, the moment you accept them completely without any if’s or but’s.

Once a person came to Gautam Buddha for Deeksha. Buddha asked him “Can you accept all the world and every person as they are? The person said “Yes” on which Buddha said “Think again may be you have left someone out” The person replies”Yes there is this one nasty man in my neighbour, I just cannot accept him, other then that I have no problem with anyone. That one person cannot cause problem in my Deeksha I am sure” Buddha says “Leave the whole world you just need to accept that one person, and when you are ready, I will give you Deeksha”

Forgiveness and Compassion has to be extended to every person without any strings attached. Without having a slightest of doubt. Many people say this, that I have forgiven everyone in my life. But still they are not able to free their hearts from bitterness. It takes great learning and understanding to realize ALL people and circumstances are worthy of forgiveness. Miraculously Universe keeps on giving circumstances for you to learn these two main rules of it. A negative emotion will just keep visiting you till you have truly felt, accepted, forgiven and released. The more we suppress our negative emotions, the more ways they find out to meet us yet again on our path to freedom. We will never be able to grow without addressing them.  Just after forgiveness, comes the next step of compassion.

Every person has a journey, and most of the times we are unaware of the unhealed, broken parts of the other. How can an unhealed broken person behave, how frustrated he can be or how much anger has he been harboring within him. We make our own story around the behavior of the other. Having compassion means to forgive and then accept him, for as he is. Either you accept or not, you will be the only person experiencing it all. It is your call to experience negative or positive.

The whole energy system of your responds to your decision. If you hold the grudge, the energies will stop moving, cleansing and get stagnated affecting the health of your chakras. If you decide to let go, forgive and fill your heart with a free flow of love and compassion, your energies start to flow cleanse and there by activating your chakras.

You are the decision maker. Do you want your chakras to be healed?


The stable earth

The stability and strength of  Earth element is felt when we walk safely and carefree on it. This is something not many have thought about when walking on

The Earth element

the patient Earth. Earth element comprises of all the elements. It is considered to be basis and foundation of all the elements. It is called upon when our life misses the security factor, when things happen, relationships bloom and jobs secured but only to loose them soon.

Everything seem to have a short  life span. The Earth element stabilizes that very much needed component. No doubt that Earth element corresponds to Root Chakra. The chakra which associated with security, foundation and self image.

Your body, the physical body is actually perceived as it is due to this element. It is just so easy to connect to it but we seldom do so. Have got touched a tree lately or just sat of cool green grass, to know that the nature is just all around ready to connect and mix within us. Earth is viewed as mother who is nurturing and caring. Earth is like a support that gives nourishment and shelter. Earth is fertile and full of life blossoming from it.

Earth is the element which when enters the relationship to bind it in commitment and give it a social name. Earth comes in life to give it a meaning and tie a wandering ship securely to its anchor, but too much of it may never let the ship move and it may tend to forget its really meaning and goal.

TSV says the Earth element within us can become a source to connect to all elements within. According to Vedic knowledge all the elements are within the Earth element and all the element rise from Space element.

To know about your elements is very vital. It will help understand the underlying cause  and basic reality of every situation of your life. Balancing the elements workshop help you gain an deeper insight in your life from the point of view of element. Elements that are the building blocks of this universe, so when you deal with them you deal in the most direct way.

Dancing in the rains!!

It is always so nice to see drops of water blessing the earth in the form of rains. The water element comes down from the space through the air and with a lightening to the earth. As all the elements meet it becomes a divine dance. The divine dance will be felt and seen when you see it and feel it through your heart, not from your head. If you let your mind come in between, it will tell you this is the same rain, how many times have you seen it. But in nature everything is fresh and new. Everything is reborn everyday.

Our whole earth, whole universe, the whole existence is a dance of elements. The best way to connect is to connect through your heart, because your heart sees the newness, the freshness, the beauty in being reborn. As you see the rain, feel as your eyes are in your heart not in your head. Then experience the whole moment. Close your physical eyes, but still experience the moment. Feel the cool drops touching you. Feel the wet mud below your feet, feel the cool breeze swaying around. Listen to the music of raindrops. It is a wonderful way to connect with the nature, with the elements.

The water element symbolizes emotions. There can be no positive emotion other then love. Love is having the highest vibrational energy. As you see and feel the dance of water element in a new way, the love arises within you. As you feel it arising, do not hold it, just start expanding and fill the whole space with your loving energies.

The rains bless the earth, and remind us about the love hidden in us. Connect to it and make it stronger and purer with the elements

Air element to stimulate creativity within

Are you struggling with writer’s block or you are not able to infuse the much needed creativity in your assignments at workplace or home, than it is time that you connect with the Air element. There are many methods to do so. I am sharing some simple ones to stimulate your mind,

1. Make a hand made fan from yellow paper( Read more about the color here). Hold it for few moments in the rising smoke of incense sticks. Now sit in a comfortable position, preferably on a chair with feet flat on ground. Close your eyes and fan yourself with your hand made fan. Feel the air element increase your mental awareness and alertness. This is done best sitting in your balcony.

2. Meditating on a symbol is a very effective method. Meditate on the image of third eye below for at least 10 minutes to stimulate your conscious mind and connecting to your knowledge body.Image

3. Now a very relaxing method for you all. Just open up your arms and stand in a breeze. As the element gushes around you, it cleanses and activates every part of you pulling you out of mental slumber.

The Fire within – Only way to raise yourself beyond limits

|| Creating Fire within and around ||

As the bonfire rose higher, the mingling dance of fire and air element mesmerized everyone standing in the group which surrounded it. It was getting more beautiful by each passing moment, so stunning that it was difficult to take eyes off it. People were getting into trance, some sort of momentary stillness to appreciate its beauty but as an instructor I knew what instructions would keep participants moving… As the divine play of elementals intensified so were the practices and rituals to connect the fire element…

The element fire is not so evident but if you wish to create it, it can be created in a snap. When fire comes into its physical visible form, it is capable of consuming every other element. It is the only element in this universe which has such unique power. The other one is Shiva.. The Fire Element is in fact active in form and it can be creative and destructive both. Its creative energies can be enhanced when you become capable of limiting it. Just like by lighting a candle, a bonfire or using it as a cooking medium. But fire is much more than that. TSV says every atom of our body and this universe is pervaded by fire and that’s why it is the one with great transforming abilities. We feel its destructive nature when it gets uncontrolled however destruction is not always contrary to growth. For example according to Hindu rituals dead bodies are burned, which helps fast transformation of the elements with the help of the fire and they are mixed into mother-nature that is from where they arise.

Fire element when in balanced state instills passion, creativity, motion, will power and sensuality in us. It is the Fire Element that can help you ward off the darkness in your life as its nature is brightness. Its inherent tendency is to rise, once you give it enough of air element to mingle with, it can break boundaries.  When its level increases in our being, we get over emotional or agitated. It may lead to lot of weeping or excess of anger.

In our physical body fire element is focused in the liver. Liver is considered to be the most hot organ as lot of metabolism takes place there. Fire element when gets out of place you may lose interest in your daily activities and don’t feel ambitious. Your sex life becomes mere activity rather than an act of expression of love and care. Life seems dull without any excitement because there is something inside you that has been changed and you wonder if it is something which is outside.

The workshop “Balancing the elements” helps you to find out which element is out of balance and it also teaches you time tested and extremely potent methods to balance and tame this otherwise very violent element. Be there!

– Devpriya

Natures law- Live in abundance

As I see the trees, the shrubs, the flowing water, the green fields, the colorful flowers and fleet of birds flying over my hearts swells, there is so much abundance that fills me. The joy is abundant and I fear it may take my breath away. I close my eyes. May be I am not in a habit of experiencing this abundance. As I breath deeply there is an realization to experience the abundance of life.

“I am walking a spiritual path, is it right to accumulate material possessions?”

“Well” I said “Are these material possessions a need or a want?”

“‘Some are need and some are just desires”

Shrub Roses
Shrub Roses (Photo credit: Michael J. Linden)

” There is no law in universe that says to live a poor and hard life if you wish to walk a spiritual path. But the word accumulation is wrong. Have you seen a full bloomed rose shrub? How beautiful, complete, joyous and abundant it seems to be? And then the seasons change, the roses are no more there, but have you seen the shrub crying and being sad on the loss it suffered? The nature shows us the perfect universal laws. Just by getting aware, you can learn the universal laws and walk the spiritual path. Get all the you need and desire, but remember to be detached, and this is your learning, your exam and your  responses will decide your result. Live as you are in a  water body flowing smoothly, that is filled with many beautiful fishes and exotic plants. If you try to get hold of any fish or plant, you will create chaos and disturb the peace, so just flow and everything will be near you and for you. Don’t cling just detach!”