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Symbols are the language of soul. A language through which universe speaks to us.

Yantra – A Symbolic Deity!

Are you sending the right symbols to your mind?

prachya prateek vigyaan

Symbols have always been a important part of our surroundings and being. Our culture, religion and sanskars are ingrained in us with the symbols. Thousands of symbols are affecting us on daily basis. Symbols are flowing in our life constantly. When we are surrounded by all wrong and negative symbols our life is affected in a negative way. It is of utmost importance that we send the right symbols to our mind.

Many times I am asked why do we need to understand symbols? Well, If you wish to have a better life on the worldly plane, it is important that you know and understand the rules of having it. Symbols being the language of universe work on a deeper unconscious level and become a very important means of communication with our deeper self and the universe. We can know more about our past, present and future by knowing about the symbols that are surrounding us. Prachya Prateek Vigyaan helps you to understand the symbols that are deeper in your mind and how are you interpreting them. Only by going through this process you can actually understand which symbols should you send to your mind. Healing symbol

Our life very strongly depends on the major seven aspects that are security, sexuality, power, healing, communication, intuition and divine connection. When all the seven aspects of our life are taken care of and in a balanced state, we start living a life filled with harmony and happiness. As you read through the seven aspects you realize that you may have achieved some of them and some aspects are still which you have not yet started working on. When a person starts to find meaning and happiness in life, it is always related to harmonizing of any one aspect of the important seven aspects of life. A very common confusion that people generally have is that what aspect of their life do they need to work on in the given present moment. The deceiving nature of mind does not let us focus on the present and it keeps swaying from past to future and vice versa. Thus we end up in confusion not realizing the importance and need of the present moment. Prachya Prateek Vigyaan gives you the tools to focus on the present and introduces you to symbols that harmonize with what you are now. Sending the right symbol to your mind can change the perspective of your life forever.

The symbolic world

Symbols are the language of soul.

Understanding and interpreting a symbol is not the job of our left brain, the logical part of us. The beauty of symbol cannot be caught in words, in the language known to us. So many times I feel loss of words when anyone asks me to describe a particular symbol. Symbols are for our right, subconscious part to understand. Their essence is caught in feeling them and let them work on our psyche. Many people have understood the importance of symbols and how do they effect our psyche but superficially. The majority of people are the ones making advertisements and influencing us. This is all happening and effecting us without our awareness. The affects are on the deeper parts of our psyche. It is our right brain working which influences you and has the power to influence your surroundings also. You cannot understand the language if you put your logical part into action. The right brain has a direct connection with the huge energy reserves of the universe. It converses with the universe in a different language, it is the language of symbols. There are no words spoken, there are no discussions done between your soul and the universe, or we may say between you and your higher self. Because everything is ONE. The symbols are understood by your right brain and they affect everything, your thoughts, your actions and even your surroundings. Colors are also form of symbols. You can know more here

Affects of symbols can be conscious and unconscious both. Choose the symbols that surround you and the particular symbols depending on what you wish to manifest in your life. I will be very happy to help you. For any queries related to symbols and their application you can mail me at : divine.devpriya(at)


Mandalas are actually referred as sacred circles. The word mandala is derived from a Sanskrit word meaning circle or particularly sacred circle. Although the word having a origin from a sanskrit word we cannot associate it with a certain religion. Mandalas are found in all cultures through out time. Mandalas have their place in healing, sacred geometry and psychology and they have also attracted attention of artists and architects. We find mandalas generally circular in shape but they can be even in shape of square. It depends on the application on the mandala. Mandalas are made in the form that, the attention is drawn apparently towards the centre. Mandalas have a vast expression, they carry with them so much knowledge which we may understand but fail to grasp.

Looking at the symbolic view of mandala, they symbolize wholeness. The symbolism although cannot be understood in just one word, and if I use only a single word I would not be doing justice to it. I will try to put down some of my views over it. They symbolize change, as the change that occurs with time, like a wheel of fortune or a change occuring in seasons and natural cycles as time advances. They represent the integration of positive and negative cycles. They give an insight in our own self, in the human totality. They have relevance in many fields but I am particularly drawn to its symbolic meanings and the use them as a tool for contemplation. In nature you may find abundant Mandalas, like right now I see a Mandala in a slice of lemon in front of me on the table!

Nearly every week I sit in peace, do a bit of mind calming and start drawing a mandala. They become my expression to the yearnings that don’t find words. I contemplate on some subject for sometime and than draw what ever comes to my mind. They are wonderful as a  meditative practice, as I color them I find my thoughts and feelings more integrated.

To learn mandala meditation or to have a personalized mandala based on your energy characteristics mail me at: divine.devpriya(at)

Mandala 1


Posting two of recent made mandalas

Red Mandala
Red Mandala

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Do you listen it?

Have you known how your inner self talks to you? It craves to talk to you and has been shouting and we fail to listen and alas it stops all together.It is the sound of your inner being. There are physical sounds which are the ones which we are listening every day. But these are the sounds which are more than the physical sounds, the sounds which come from the universe. The sounds generate in our inner deeper self. They are not heard by our physical ears but with our inner ears. Why are we not able to listen to those guiding inner voices always?

Its just because we are never aware of them. We have forgotten to pay attention and become aware of them. I say ‘forgotten’ because it is always not so. We have not born as the completely ignorant being as we have become today.  As we start paying attention to what universe wants to share with us, and what does our inner being crave to share we open new adventures in our life. Life can be lived only when there is a adventure and through out the journey we are feeling more and more alive with each step. The voices take us to a new adventure in life, lead you to a path for which you have took birth.

Just close your eyes and give some time to your self. Sit in complete silence. The first stage is when you will get more and more aware of the physical noise and slowly as you dwell in silence, your inner self will talk to yourself. may be for the first time! Before entering the meditation, make an intent to listen to your inner being. Happy adventure!!

Sign or symbol?

I had recently read somewhere “The essence of symbol cannot be expressed in words, it is so vast and deep, it is just not a sign.” I have many times thought about the difference between a sign and a symbol but this take this opportunity to write on it.

Symbols are mystical and their meaning cannot be definite. They have deep meanings to decipher, that many times vary from person to person. How my mind perceives a symbol, you may not catch the same meaning. When I say a sign, it has a limited definite meaning. It stands same for everyone. I too see a stop sign and my mind understands that I have to stop and you too see a stop sign and halt. Where as a symbol is playing with whole of your energy and present you something that you need not want.It may have many layers of meanings.

Sign is like a picture or anything that represents for something else. Symbol relates to something else by association or resemblance. Symbol is like something visible that is representing something invisible. It can arouse emotional responses.

Carl Jung puts it in this way “The sign is always less than the concept it represents, while a symbol always stands for something more than its obvious and immediate meaning. Symbols, moreover, are natural and spontaneous products. No genius has ever sat down with a pen or a brush in his hand and said: ‘Now I am going to invent a symbol. ‘ No one can take a more or less rational thought, reached as a logical conclusion or by deliberate intent, and then give it ‘symbolic’ form” (Jung, 41).

With a specific meaning in the mind, a sign is depicted on a paper. Many times we have found things and people getting symbolic to something. Like Mahatma Gandhi is a symbol of truth and non-violence.

The meaning of a sign can be understood instantaneously while symbol arouses emotions and feelings within you that create a meaning within you. As you look around you may find many signs and symbols. Let me know what you discover.

Swastika Symbol

Recently a friend of mine asked me that why did I add Swastika as my blog image. The reality is that when I painted the swastika, I did it very leisurely and felt so joyous after painting it and had thought that time to use it some where and not just keep in my collection and got a chance here. But now I would like to share more about its symbolic importance.

The Swastika
The Swastika

Swastika is an ancient symbol, said to exist even 5000 years ago.  It has been given so much importance and surrounded with positivity in religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. The word swastika comes from Sanskrit, su means good, asti means to be and ka is a suffix. There is a extensive history behind it.

Much before the symbol was took up by Nazis, it represented good luck, power, sun and strength.  German nationalist around mid-nineteenth adopted the symbol as it was Aryan origins and could represent long Germanic history, which helped them to overcome the feeling of vulnerability. In the beginning of twentieth century, it became a common symbol of German nationalism. It was always a symbol of prosperity and good fortune, but also got the meaning of hate, death, evil and ruination attached to it because of Nazi’s flag.

 Swastika as seen on Nazi's flag
Swastika as seen on Nazi's flag

In some cultures, the anticlockwise swastika that is known as suavastika denotes bad luck, misfortune and sometimes night and magic. It is also related to Goddess Kali.

The swastika can be seen in many Hindu temples and is used as a symbol of prosperity in different Hindu rituals like marriage and festivals like Diwali.  It is generally drawn on the opening pages of account books. In Buddhism, a swastika represents resignation while in Jainism it delienated their seventh saint, and the four arms denote four possible places of rebirth that are as human, as plant or animal, in hell or in spirit world. The swastika is a symbol of life, joy, good fortune and prosperity.


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Centering Spiral

After the previous post on Mandalas, next symbol that comes to my mind is a “spiral”. For some strange reasons I find similarity between both the symbols. Much before than the time I saw a spiral in the light of symbolism, I had formed a peculiar connection with them in form of Doodles. If any one who does not know what is a doodle, it can be defined as informal scribble, like something we do when we have a pen and paper with us but have no thoughts to put down. They are said to reveal some aspects of personality. I had a this peculiar habit of drawing spirals as doodles. I filled pages and pages with them.

Spirals are the one of the earliest symbols which give evidence of human creative consciousness. They been found drawn over walls of caves and floors. There are numerous stone carvings depicting spirals. This symbol has made its positive space in almost all cultures that ascribed a meaning to it. Spirals wide spread depiction echo universal appeal. To name a few of its historical illustrations, we find it in ground drawings of Nazca, classical architecture of western europe and Mediterranean and American petroglyphs. They are also found in yogic drawings in Hindu scriptures and Celtic art.  As I look at the symbol of spiral, the word resonance echos in my mind. I feel it resonating with human psyche.

Universal evolution
Universal evolution

The best examples of spirals are found in nature. Can you think of some? They show up in tornedos, hurricanes, in wide range of shells, double helix in structure in DNA, and even in spiral structure of galaxy, the form in which leaves grow on  a stem. We may find many more if we look around.

They symbolize change and evolution. They represent different form of cycles like cycle of the  seasons, cycle of life and death, cycle of growth and change, cycle of day and night. Like Mandalas spiral also hold meditative qualities. It can become your symbol of spiritual journey, if you choose to draw it and meditate over it or choose to draw it in a meditative mood. Spiral is journey of life, which is never in a straight line, we may again and again have same experiences in different perspectives till we learn the messages of universe.  A very nice spiritual exercise is to walk around a labyrinth and stand in its middle, centering our consciousness. Below is a picture of sspiral that I use for meditative practices.