Healing green

greenThe examples I have seen and set with green color are really marvelous. Many times I have felt the Wow! feeling , when I encountered the miracles done by green color. I had once suggested a person to meditate on green color,  the person had a beautiful garden. When I asked him to meditate on green color, he said, he already lives amidst so much of greenery, his garden had many plants, with big bright green leaves. He spent every evening in his garden reading some book. So is not the natural green color working? Why does he need to meditate on it. I had come across such questions at some other occasions too. There may be many different colors around us, after all we live in a beautiful colorful world. But do we give any amount of awareness to them? When I say meditate I mean to give focus and attention to the color or a symbol. As we get calm, make our mind empty of thoughts and start to focus on a color or symbol, we connect to it at a creative level. If there are some disturbances in your vibrations, which can be corrected by color green, than you need to focus on the color in a peaceful open state. Green will start healing you. A focused connection is important. Like the person, who I was talking about had a beautiful garden, but he being in the garden also, focused on some book. Even a small piece of Green color card will heal you if you focus on it. And if you don’t focus, no amount of green color in your surroundings will help you.

Coming back to the miracles of green. Green is basically a healing color. Green is the color of nature, life, fertility. It symbolises growth, balance and life force. I remenber a wonderful experience I had with green color. I once met a person, who had just passed MBBS, he had come for few days to visit the college I was working in. I happened to meet him and he said me he just feels to share his feelings with me. He was in depression and felt low at the moment. I could clearly sense, lose of life force within him. His actions showed lethargy and dullness. I suggested him to meditate on green color after understanding everything. Because all colors don’t suit everybody, there are many things to be taken care of while suggesting a color or symbol. He left the same evening I had suggested him with a promise to meditate on green color. I got the joy of my life, when after few days he sent me a message, that he was feeling very nice, relaxed energetic and not only this but his habit of smoking was completely gone. He could not explain why but he did not feel to smoke anymore. I have seen many such beautiful miracles happening with colors.

More about magic of colors coming……………..


Colors as symbols

spring-colorsColors are an important aspect of our life.  We connect so many of our emotions and feelings with colors. Like being red with anger or green in jealousy. Effects of colors on our psyche is profound. The choice of our colors tells a great deal about our thinking and personality. Young vibrant people like bright colors and people who don’t feel passion for life may have a bent towards the greys. I have been practicing with colors, and have got wonderful results.

Colors are actually energies vibrating at different frquencies. Every color has its unique vibrating pattern. The vibrating pattern can be in synchronisation or in desychronisation with our energies. Every color has its importance and maintains a certain balance in our being. The need of different colors is different in different stages of our life.  When there is peace missing we can understand our being is missing the vibrations of blue color. Your love life misses passion than there is need of vibrations of Red color. Make your life colorful!!

Symbols- The language of soul

Symbols have been a conscious part of my life for last five years. I say conscious because, we all are confronted with many symbols the whole day, and during our entire life. Some symbols do affect our life significantly. The affect totally depends on the history of the symbol and how does our mind interpret it.

Understanding and interpreting a symbol is not the job of our left brain, the logical part of us. The beauty of symbol cannot be caught in words, in the language known to us. So many times I feel loss of words when anyone asks me to describe a particular symbol. Symbols are for our right, subconscious part to understand. Their essence is caught in feeling them and let them work on our psyche. Many people have understood the importance of symbols and how do they effect our psyche but superficially. The majority of people are the ones making advertisements and influencing us. This is all happening and effecting us without our awareness. The affects are on the deeper parts of our psyche. It is our right brain working which influences you and has the power to influence your surroundings also. You cannot understand the language if you put your logical part into action. The right brain has a direct connection with the huge energy reserves of the universe. It converses with the universe in a different language, it is the language of symbols. There are no words spoken, there are no discussions done between your soul and the universe, or we may say between you and your higher self. Because everything is ONE. The symbols are understood by your right brain and they affect everything, your thoughts, your actions and even your surroundings.

I have done deep studies to understand symbols. Symbols are the first language of man. Before the birth of any kind of conversation through sounds. Symbols were the only way to communicate. We find many different mystical symbols in explorations, carved in caves and stones. These are not just haphazard lines and curves, but are powerful, magical gifts from the past. Can we ever deny our ancestors were more grounded, spiritual and high thinkers than us. I can never. But as everything has evolved, symbols too have……


Experiencing the shifts

The unexpected rains in this season, diverted my mind towards them as always and after enjoying the cool weather I am back to hold the thread where I had left it. I love to talk about this topic of knowing the roots of our emotions and further our reactions because I myself have experienced a lot from it. The moment I started creating awareness in my actions and reactions, which I later realized that most of them were reactions. Actions that are totally free from outer influences are less. And what we actually do are having lot of outer influences acting.

What do we know when we get aware? We can only know about the gross changes and the subtle changes both. But the understanding and realizing the subtle changes need a certain amount of connection with our inner self that works on that level. The gross changes to what I  am referring are the changes or reactions happening in our physical body. People have a close connection with the their physical bodies, with little awareness can feel the changes occurring. The first experience I had was the feeling of releasing acids in my stomach when I confronted a undesirable situation. It was an eye opener for me. I knew the amount of problems it had created with every release. So I got more and more aware on the times when I experienced such release of acids in my stomach. There were few words, few sights and few situations that gave me this ill feeling. As I understood this, I had to know what was that bothered me to the extent that my body reacted in such a negative mode. What was the fear, that converted itself into a ball of acid inside me. As I kept on questioning I understood, that the basic negative emotion I was feeling was the one of fear, The fear of losing myself, my self respect and the most big one fear of losing my ego. Four years before, when I had first experienced it, the frequency was several times a day. I knew I was inviting diseases. But with the awareness, came the understanding. AD helped me to understand my fears till their deepest root so that I could come out of it with love and understanding and they don’t leave any scars on my being. The process of understanding the fears is generally painful, because we come across those aspect of the self which we don’t like to see and accept that they too exist. If you even feel that that there is no aspect in your life that you have overlooked, that is just due to unawareness. We are all humans wanting to play our assigned roles perfectly. Who wishes to put the imperfect face towards the audience? No one.  Who is the audience…the whole world is your audience, where we try hard to be accepted.

The feeling itself can be of lot of help. So next time you feel a discomfort, just stop the whole thinking process, feel where in your physical body is this feeling arising and where is it settling and making a block. I would appreciate to know your experiences about understanding these gross feelings.

Taking a step further

In “Knowing the roots” the main focus was on the cause behind any action or reaction happening in our life. To create awareness about our every reaction good or bad. Every good action or reaction too does not have too many causes, and shocking enough they too spring from our Ego. Actions based on love, sympathy, compassion, empathy or consideration arise from the centre of ego satisfaction. To live a totally aware life makes a call to understand drivers for so called good actions and reactions too.

But once we are aware that what was the inner cause, the mind drivers. What is next? The toughest point is about creating understanding of self. Because we live a totally unmindful life. Once my friend was ask to write 20 points on herself, and it got really tough for her. She was not able to get over 10. She could not figure out a list of 20 things about her ownself. That makes me realize the unmindfulness. What we do is most of the times done in such a unmindful state that we don’t understand the reason or cause behind it. But once we understand and come in a mindful state than we are in the state of having choices. We have the power to choose our reactions. Weather we want to get angry and shout hysterically, or see the whole situation from a new point of view. I love to exercise this choice in my life, it makes me unpredictable 🙂

Feel the inner power grow with heightened awareness!!

Knowing the roots

As every action of ours springs from some deep cause to it. I am referring these causes as roots. There are not many roots or causes or we may even say mind drivers that make us to react a certain way. All the people have a set of roots and their reactions emerge from those roots. For all the negative reactions in our life, Fear is the main root.

Fear is such a strong root, that all of our negative actions spring only from this root. Fear is the base of all negative feelings. I could have started with something positive while explaning the roots, but I choose to explain fear that governs most of our life actions and situations. Yes situations because our actions give rise to the situations of our life. Many times we may not be aware but many of our positive feelings also arise from fear. Fear is a vast word pregnant with various forms of emotions. When we feel anger towards ourself or towards the other it is a deep seated fear that is coming out of us.

When someone shouts we also shout, so that our voice is heard, trying to shout in anger as loud as possible to supress the voice of the other. Here comes the fear of losing the hold of the situation or the matter. It is our big ego in play. Ego is the fear of mind. The fear of losing the self. We all are the victims of this big fear, and under this fear we keep on responding without any awareness. Next time you feel anger, it may be difficult for you to get aware at the moment, because fear is all over your body and mind you cannot overcome it. But after you have done with try, figure out the root from where it arises.

Jealousy is a fear springing from the feeling of inferiority. We can feel jealous only when we feel the other is some way superior to us. Forgetting our blessings and our uniqueness. Forgetting the beauty and qualities universe has specially bestowed only on us.

Understand the fear. Many people have come to me asking to help them to come out of some addiction. When we get addictive towards something like drugs, smoking or drinking we have indentified our whole being unconsciously with the addiction. Coming out of any addiction means to loose a part of our identity. Its difficult, but awareness can make it happen.

Create awareness in your life and in your actions

Creating awareness

The best times of my life had to be spend under some rigorous training by AD. He made me to  live a tough life for quite a sometime, for which I feel thankful now. Without those trainings, these days of shinning would not have been existed. The life needs a discipline and a constant awareness. Every action than needs to be understood, the bad or the good. If its love or the anger. With awareness comes the understanding about the root of the feeling. All feelings have root, and if you are not aware of the root than it is done in sleep. More about roots in coming posts…..


Since the universe blessed me with senses and one good working mind………….I had spent lot of time analysing people and looking at different situations trying to analyse them from all directions. I had made my mind over work at times in analysing…well here is a secret people don’t really allow it and know it when I am trying look deep and understand what is the true nature……so I try to lock their attention in my smile :-). All the years I kept on with my practices……and one thing that I understood was people don’t have too many mind drivers, they are almost same or may be actually be  same for everyone that make them to act and take decisions. As I understood all the mind drivers are minds play to keep us engaged in the play of life……….which are mere illusions the journey got interesting which got more self directed with time. I am here to share my experiences till the journey comes to end with Moksha……..my ultimate goal

TSV- A Sadhana to bring fulfillment at all the three levels- material, physical and spiritual

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